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Denunciation made on Feb 27, 2015 9:55:21 am

POSTED BY : muneesh ON Feb 27, 2015 9:55:21 am

i had booked a color doppler machine from the listed supplier on alibaba website...the company name was RISING MEDICAL EQUIPMENT CO LTD.....the representative of the company issued me a proforma invoice of usd 2200 ...the payment was made via bank transfer...after the payment the company has stopped answering the emails...beware of such fraudsters...never purchase anything from china

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Denunciation made on Feb 25, 2015 2:15:49 pm

POSTED BY : Hadi ON Feb 25, 2015 2:15:49 pm

Wuxi Youerte Material Co., Ltd. 无锡市特钢材料有限公司 Dear All, Please be careful of Wuxi Youerte Material Co., Ltd. 无锡市特钢材料有限公司 Alibaba Gold Supplier http://wxyet.en.alibaba.com/ , http://www.ysteel.com.cn/ as they communicate through Alibaba and sending Proforma in the name of Youerte Material Co., Ltd. with its Bank Account registered in Offshore Banks and then send Worthless Materials cheating buyers. As representative of an Iranian Buyer we have been cheated for about 43.400USD by this company regarding delivery of Worthless Rusted Carbon Steel Pipes instead of Welded Stainless Steel Pipes 321H. Also I have received documents from Chinese Friend of a Paraguay Buyer that has been cheated in this way sending Carbon Steel Plates instead of Stainless Steel Plates. We have taken this case to Wuxi Public Security Bureau to take the matter to Court. Be careful of following cheating team and their contact information are as follows: : Eric Li, Bill Liu, Kevin Chen, Jason Lu and many others: http://www.stainless-steelcoils.com/contactus.html Contact Person: Mr Bill Liu 86 Company Name:Youerte Material CO.,LTD.Address:Bldg. B, No. 168, Beitang District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, ChinaWebsite:http://www.stainless-steelcoils.com/Skype: hzssteel Contact Person: Mr Bill Liu Contact Person: Mr. Kevin Chen Company Name: Tianjin Haozeshun Trade Co., Ltd. Street Address: Beichen District City: beichen Province/State: Tianjin Zip: 300400 Telephone: 86-22-85971555 Mobile Phone: 86-15222817239 Fax: 86-22-86895502 Website: http://www.tjbrxsteelpipe.com.cn http://italian.coldrolledstainlesssteelcoils.com/contactus.html Contact Person : Mr. Abdel Liu Job Title : Sales Manager Msn : hzssteel@hotmail.com Skype : lwslcx Email : tjhzs6@aliyun.com Contact Person : Mr. Jason Lu Job Title : Sales Representative Msn : youertesteel@hotmail.com Skype : lu.jason526 Email : youertesteel@hotmail.com Contact Person : Mr. Bill Liu Job Title : sales manger Skype : hzssteel Email : yetmaterial@aliyun.com Msn : tiscodavid@hotmail.com “tjhzs6@aliyun.com” ; “dsckjie@cahbachiega.com” ; “miaozonglei@163.com” ; “tjhzs6@aliyun.com” ; “wxyet2008@yahoo.cn” ; “etss@outlook.com” ; “stainlesssteelcoil@126.com” ; “ericliwanshang@gmail.com” ; “tiscodavid@hotmail.com” ; “yetss@yahoo.cn” ; “youerte.eric@live.com” ; “1211789@qq.com” ; “yet-kevin@hotmail.com” ; “hzssteel@hotmail.com” ; “inletlco@126.com” ” ” ” ; “yetss@outlook.com” ; “stainlesssteelcoil@126.com” ; “wxyet2008@yahoo.cn” ; “ericliwanshang@gmail.com” ; “youerte.eric@live.com” ; “yetss@yahoo.cn” ; “tiscodavid@hotmail.com” ; “inletlco@126.com” ; “yet-kevin@hotmail.com” ; “hzssteel@hotmail.com” ; “1211789@qq.com” This cheating company’s President is Miao Zhong Li: http://mzlha2010.1688.com/ miaozonglei@163.com 联系: 苗宗雷 手机: 18723456700 18723456711 电话: 023-68470007 023-68470065 传真: 023-68470065 地址: 重庆市大渡口区龙文钢材市场 This team active in Tianjin Haozeshun Trade Co., Ltd. who sends proforma in the name of Haozeshun Trade Co., Ltd. to cheat buyers and a French buyer has been cheated for about 300.000USD by this team. Contact Person: 86-18622569651 Company Name: Tianjin Haozeshun Steel Trade Co., Ltd. Telphone: 86-18622569651 (Working Time) Fax: 86-22-86896128 Zip Code: 300400 Address: Room 1910, Beichen Building 4, Beichen Mansion, Jingjin Road, Beichen District, Tianjin, China Please contact me to send you documents of this company’s Fraud. Regards Hadi hadi5734@yahoo.com

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Denunciation made on Feb 24, 2015 7:52:03 am

POSTED BY : danilo ON Feb 24, 2015 7:52:03 am

http://www.elecssupplier.com ShangHai TianLun Electronic Trade Co., LTD EMAIL: Emma (Ms.) elecssupplier@hotmail.com Here it is the scammer they ask to send the money by bank transfer and gone forever 229$ so please do not use them and use always PayPal or other third party payment option if they say no better to not waste your time and money. Thanks BR

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Nursing Angel

Denunciation made on Feb 23, 2015 11:55:06 pm

POSTED BY : Nursing Angel ON Feb 23, 2015 11:55:06 pm

Shenzhen Wan Zhan Xing Trade Co, Ltd http://frantoo.com/ fronted by communications Ms Tracy Zheng wzxsales@hotmail.com are a fraudulent company. After sending them $4,000 for several hundred bras, I was told the bank details they sent were wrong and gave different once. However payment had already been demanded and paid. They then said the account was frozen and I had to wait a month. After one month they said I needed to send more funds or wait 9 months or more. They are scammers and con - artists with no itention of delivering goods. Be aware and do not use this company.

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Nursing Angel

Denunciation made on Feb 23, 2015 11:48:51 pm

POSTED BY : Nursing Angel ON Feb 23, 2015 11:48:51 pm

A company called Shenzhen Wan Zhan Xing Trade Co Ltd or website http://frantoo.com/ who communicate through a Ms Tracy Zheng at wzxsales@hotmail.com committed fraud to the tune of $4,000. I ordered several hundred Bra's from this compnay and they sent Invoice and payment details, I made payment only for them to then send a revised bank account to make payment to. Went this was not possible as payment had been processed they said that bank account was locked and I would have to wait 1 month before funds were released. After one month I have received an email saying if I do not send more funds it will be 9 months until my money be released. Complete Fraudsters and not to be trusted. Do not use this company!

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Denunciation made on Feb 21, 2015 9:17:18 pm

POSTED BY : Ariep ON Feb 21, 2015 9:17:18 pm

This seller, name mr johnny lee alias LI PENG JIA at shi jia zhuang city, take my money for order boron carbide powder, but never sent the goods till now, it has been 1 month...BE AWARE since he always change his sites....and still feel free hunt new costumer to scamed

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Weppner Pereira

Denunciation made on Feb 21, 2015 10:02:51 am

POSTED BY : Weppner Pereira ON Feb 21, 2015 10:02:51 am

DO NOT EVER TRUST MEGAFLUKE.COM!!. It is 100% SCAM FRAUD website. Do not make purchases in MEGAFLUKE.COM. I lost money and never received my good. Never ever send wire money to MEGAFLUKE.COM SCAM company or you loose your money. I have my friend come inspect but their office is not exist as well their phone number MEGAFLUKES.COM +62 (22) 617-48691 sales@megafluke.com http://www.megafluke.com

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Mr. Constantin

Denunciation made on Feb 18, 2015 11:26:51 am

POSTED BY : Mr. Constantin ON Feb 18, 2015 11:26:51 am

Do not offer the production of Nanjing Just Import & Export Co., Ltd. company. Manager Jessica Cui. This company offers high quality pebbels via good photos but sale poor quality. All pebbles no polished, no waxed, no washed. Has no needed size and color. I payed for size 2-3cm but recieve 4-6cm. There are no red or yellow, white colors of pebbles. All pebbels mixed. Never buy from this GOLD SUPPLER. This is fraud. Scam. Please HELP to stop this scammer. Help me to send a complaint to the Chamber of Commerce of the Nanjing city.

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Denunciation made on Feb 16, 2015 9:11:17 am

POSTED BY : Elton ON Feb 16, 2015 9:11:17 am

I made a purchase of 100 pieces of monopod to selfie, with the Shenzhen High Lead Electronic Enterprise Co., Ltd, on 02.09.2015, made the transfer of the value of $ 85, more taxes, and thereafter the seller does not answer my questions more, and says nothing about the payment, follow data transfer and email dishonest seller: Payment: Bank Transfer (T / T) Beneficiary's name (receiver name): Dongxia Huang Beneficiary's Accout No (receiver account): 6217852600006418164 Institution Name: Bank of China, Guangxi Branch Swift Code: BKCHCNBJ480 janniya@szhileader.com

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Weppner Pereira

Denunciation made on Feb 13, 2015 1:08:25 pm

POSTED BY : Weppner Pereira ON Feb 13, 2015 1:08:25 pm

SURYALASER.COM FRAUD website with FAKE business, address, phone and everything. This is a warning to all hard working business people around the world. Do not deal with Surya Laser Pty Ltd SCAM company or you will be ripped off. FAKE ADDRESS STORE LOCATION Surya Laser Pty Ltd - DKI Jakarta Jl. KH Fachrudin 168, Tanah Abang, Central Jakarta. 10250 Surya Laser Pty Ltd - Batam Jl.Prambanan No.84 Sei Jodoh, Batam Island. 29432 Surya Laser Pty Ltd - Singapore #199 Dunearn Rd Singapore. 589484

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