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Alibaba Gold Supplier 750 Denunciations


Denunciation made on Jan 27, 2015 7:58:54 am

POSTED BY : lincoln ON Jan 27, 2015 7:58:54 am

Hello my company wanted to buy beef parts to china ,we saw a company in hungary and looked for them online .We found this website http://www.bukkibeef.com/ communicated with them our desire to purchase beef .However they ended up taking $130000 from our company .We went to the address but the real company is unaware of these fraudsters .They are very convincing ,please do not buy from them .

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Denunciation made on Jan 25, 2015 11:23:12 pm

POSTED BY : Theresa ON Jan 25, 2015 11:23:12 pm

In August 2014 I started negotiations with Ms. Demi Wu of Shenzhen Colorful Furniture Company Limited as listed on alibaba. She is also connected to Foshan Colorful Furniture Company Limited as that is the company listed at the bottom of all her emails. Shenzhen Colorful Furniture is listed on Alibaba as a 5th year Gold Supplier. Beware of these two Companies and beware of Ms. Demi Wu and Mr. Stone Gong who scammed my husband and I, owners of a small business US $17,286.00. In August I placed order for a 20ft container of mixed furniture to be shipped to the Caribbean. A deposit of US $5,186.oo was requested and I was instructed to wire the funds to a bank in China. The receipt of the funds was acknowledged. One month later (September) I was told that the shipment was ready and instructed to wire the balance of US $12,100.00 to the Company's UK account. This was done immediately. Demi Wu then told me she was waiting to book the ship. One week went by and then she told me there was a problem on the port and she hoped that the Chinese Government would resolve the matter soon. Excuses and apologies by Demi Wu continued until the end of October. In early November I got the shock of my life when Demi Wu told me that they had not received the funds. When I referred her to all her emails apologizing for the delay, she told me her boss Mr. Stone Gong is taking over my matter. Mr Gong then told me that they do not have a UK bank account and I was scammed. He told me if I wanted the furniture I will have to pay the balance again by a date given or my order will be cancelled. I submitted a complaint to Alibaba and they requested that we try to work it out with the supplier and I guess they told the supplier to try to work things out with me the buyer. Days later I filed a claim against the company and at a point I was hopeful when Alibaba told me my claim was substantiated. A few days later Alibaba informed me that the case was closed and they were sorry for my loss. They said that the supplier's account was hacked into and I was scammed by a third party. This could not be so because there was never any third party corresponding with me. They only persons who were emailing me was Demi Wu and Stone Gong. These are the perpetrators of this crime. Do not do business with either of these companies. On Alibaba they are known as SHENZHEN COLORFUL FURNITURE COMPANY LIMITED but this is the registered office;- FOSHAN COLORFUL FURNITURE COMPANY LIMITED, OFFICE E716 ROOM, XINGGUANY SQUARE, LECONG DISTRICT, SHUNDE TOWN, FOSHAN CITY GUANGDONG PROVINCE, CHINA (510665). The listed direct phone line is 0086 757 2897 1465. I hope that my horror story will help other unsuspecting persons like us. This loss when converted to our country's currency is $111,000.00. We are devastated but with health and strength we will rise again.

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Denunciation made on Jan 25, 2015 3:12:26 am

POSTED BY : marco ON Jan 25, 2015 3:12:26 am

I bought two phones from the beginning http://www.digitalstares.com/ email daily to charge me then after paying USD 268.32 more than anything not ripondono will email it skype but after 45 days I avvivano of glasses but wonder explanations nothing nothing .I ordered phones arrive glasses ..saluti marco

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george savva

Denunciation made on Jan 22, 2015 8:46:21 am

POSTED BY : george savva ON Jan 22, 2015 8:46:21 am

Dear sir I had sent a deposit the amount of usd 2800 to the trading company found on alibabba UZAIR INTERNATIONAL IN PAKISTAN after he send me pr invoice. we had agree to buy the following products which they are beach towels tea towels kitchen aprons however after that person had receive my money since 16/9/2014 i hear nothing from him . I had send him many email but he didn't answer me. Also many times i try to talk him in trade messenger but he never tell me when he will make my order .and the most of the times he don talk me and he is on line Please check it because i urgent for my order and i worry for my money george savva S&G SAVVA

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Denunciation made on Jan 20, 2015 10:57:09 pm

POSTED BY : CESAR ON Jan 20, 2015 10:57:09 pm

Please, caring your time, money and energy!!! Yantai Chemins = jackie.chan@chemins-tech.com = SCAM!!!! Bank Account number: 1606021729200014513 Bank:INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA YANTAI BR. Check it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Td44eCBZis&feature=youtu.be

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Denunciation made on Jan 17, 2015 7:10:54 am

POSTED BY : sam ON Jan 17, 2015 7:10:54 am

Kaso medical Technology co., ltd is scam beware!!! I placed an order for mobile dental chair with this company Kaso medical Technology co., ltd. we agreed i would pay a total of 550usd for the chair and shipping by dhl to my country from China. We also agreed that it will be shipped the next day. After payment seller said it will take a week to send and i was angry after much talking it was sent in a week time but to my surprise seller said it went through air freight and it will take 5 days that i shouldn't worry. After two weeks instead of 5 days seller said it is still in the process of clearing that i will need to send extra money to pay the agent so it will be sent to my city which is different from the airport it will land. I had suspected fraud and opened a dispute on paypal which was the initial payment medium a week after the payment. Now 3wks wasted. After another two weeks paypal refunds my money but the seller now claims it has been cleared that i can come and collect it from the warehouse of the agent in the city where the airport is if i want to and that they are going to lose money if the decide to send it back. After much pleading i agreed to pay again but this time through aliexpress since i met them through alibaba and they wouldn’t get the money until i collect the package. I am to pay 500usd this time and the 50usd remaining would be for me to go get it myself. After payment seller says i should pay for clearing fee which sounded crazy since we just agreed before i paid. He finally agrees they will take care of the expenses. After waiting two extra days sellers says he is having problem with his agent that his agent is asking for more money. The bottom line is more money outside aliexpress paid to clearing agents account. Now 6weeks wasted on something that should take one week and my money trapped with aliexpress till it goes through all the protocols though i have cancelled the transaction. This company is fraud and never to be trusted. it was really a bad experience. I blame myself though for trusting them again. Kaso medical technology co., ltd is scam beware!!!

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Denunciation made on Jan 14, 2015 4:21:12 pm

POSTED BY : Denis ON Jan 14, 2015 4:21:12 pm

The story about "Afrotradingcompany" from Thailand. I even dont know if this company exist. So the directors and ceo person there are more of them. Firstly there is Mark Partasen. Second Runjuan Kanharat, i dont know if this is same person. Then here is also Frankline Leke Tatuh, Supaporn Damdaendgee, Sodjitra Nantakate, Leader boss Dr. Hash Khurana. They are all from Thailand Bangkok 10250, so do not buy from AFROTRADINGCOMPANY or any of those persons. Story is next: We made a deal for 1200KG if pumpkin seeds dark green for 890€ with shipping to Slovenia my home. Then they request 537€ for seeds again. Then they request for shipping services with INTER CONTINENTAL SHIPPER. Then they sent the seeds and they arrives to New Delhi in India. Then we get a message, that we have a a 2H late payment, and the seeds will be returned to Thailand. Miracle they sent the shipment back in 2H from India to Thailand thats awesome. So again the second shipping company APL-SHIPS.com I dont know if exists, webpage is down, they requestet 537€ for shipping. We payed. Next day we get a message that we have to send 1981€ for Shipping insurance and import rights and tax charges and also city permit. We payed. Then we get also a message from all including all persons, that we have to pay again for 1666€ for Tax charges, warhause costs, and some other charges. We fools payed again. The funny about it is they assured us from APL and AFROTRADING that then will be no problems and we will get our seeds. Its about 4800KG of dark green pumpkin seeds, because they said we can sell here in Slovenia all and make our company bigger. But in contract says well that we ordered 1200KG. So anyway, they "sent" 4800KG with APL-SHIPS.COM (if), and now they are requesting also 1325€ + transcation costs for seeds. We had a deal, that we will pay 50% before 50% after. We already reported to our police service and our guvermant, but our police service is unable to request money from them. I think there are some fake shippers and fake sellers, do not buy from them, we spent around 8600€ for nothing. We oppened the company last friday, and we can already close him with big minus. My name is Denis, im from Slovenia, my number 00386 31 886 679, skype name: denisadanic55555 mails of fake shippers and sellers: partasen.mark@hotmail.com (ceo director) afrotradingcompany@gmail.com (employeed) info_apl@email.com (shipping company) thailand@apl-ships.com (shipping company) johngreek638@gmail.com (Main leader) sodjitranantakate.co.ltd@gmail.com (shipping company) Do not buy from those guys.

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Denunciation made on Jan 14, 2015 4:12:33 pm

POSTED BY : Tori ON Jan 14, 2015 4:12:33 pm

The tale of how a company with a turnover of 8.4 billion dollars (Alibaba) and its founders wiped spittle from the seller rogue SH Feng (Store No.526347) and stole the buyer from Russia 1325.20 rubles. 11/23/2014 I ordered a "trusted" seller (already 8310 reviews, 4 diamonds) batteries CR2032, CR2025, and hearing aid batteries, delivery has been paid. Day are given to verify the payment. Over the day it became clear that the CR2025 batteries do not need me at all (messed with CR2016), and hearing aid batteries can be found for around the same money is not Chinese, and German (in the reliability of which I personally believe more). I filed a request to cancel the order and indicated that a mistake when ordering. I made it through the "cancel button order" and wrote to the seller (25/11/2014 at three in the morning on the Chinese time) that the request to cancel the order. Aliexpress sent me to the e-mail message that the order can not be canceled, because he was sent to the seller.Go to the private office - I see that the button cancellation is active (ie, the seller did not send goods) and re-requesting cancellation (duplicating the cancellation letter to the seller). Again received a letter with the same content. Sold in the feedback form states that already dispatched the goods. Since shipping - paid, demand the track number. Seller hide, although he was online. Half an hour later re-demand track number. All this is happening 11/25/2014.Seller finally razrozhdaetsya lengthy sheet that he send the goods 27.11.2014, puts a bunch of links to photos of the receipt with my details (references, of course, outside) and writes finally coveted track number. Convinced that links outside (all known bug 404), the goods have to go and I do not think (the seller himself wrote about 27.11.2014), for the third time 27.11.2014 in the morning please do not send an order (the Internet met the statement that if the buyer request to cancel the order and the seller has not yet sent it, the seller has no right to blackmail the buyer and make him buy this product - allegedly by the rules Aliexpress). Sold in response offers to throw me to the post office "photo". 11/29/2014 Aliexpress comes from a letter that the seller sent the goods and the term of protection ends 27/01/2015 (60 days), the counter began to tick. Well, as an honest buyer, resigns himself to the fact that I have to get this order (the seller like the buyer may refuse to cancel the order, the order seems to be sent). Before the New Year to the mailbox takes me a receipt with an unknown track number. Check the track number on the website of the Russian Post - order shipped 02/12/2014 (!!!) at 23 pm, and when you send it weighed 226 grams, and upon arrival began to weigh 186grammov (with 200 grams of 15% by weight of evaporated). Check in your account - there is no track number. I order this - not only through logical thinking understand that this is the order, which I tried to refuse. Let me remind you that the dispatch date - 02.12.2014. Obligations of the seller - to send the goods within 5 working days Booked 23/11/2014.I think - the seller has violated a term to delivery, track number, which he gave to the buyer and Aliexpress - fake, ie duly Aliexpress I should be refunded. And in fact this is true - the seller were applied the rules under which he may refuse to cancel the order, the buyer should be applied rules that guarantee him a full refund if the seller did not send the goods within the deadline set by him (as has already been with one of my orders). I'm not in any way interfere with the seller Aliexpress comply with the rules. Fully confident that the company with a turnover of 8.4 billion. Interested in complying with its own rules, open debate and point out that the track number is not monitored.Seller once again sends me the most original track number and a link to the site. Check the link - the track number fake. Write the seller that he scammer. Seller once again sends a letter that he sent the order and attach a picture. From this picture is confirmed that the same unknown to me the track number - is it posted in violation of the terms of the order. To aggravate the dispute - the seller has not only given a false track number, but also violated the terms, demand a full refund (because it is written in the rules Aliexpress). The controversy begins considered. Seller extends protection order. I write it, I do not need to extend this period, delivery time has been specified 60 days, the goods he had not sent in time to properly track number, and the clock does not turn. After 7 days of getting struck me deeply Aliexpress answer - they say that the track number indicates that the product is in my town. Ie the fact that the track number completely different that violated terms of shipping goods that violated their own rules and guarantees - is ignored completely. Well, as long as it senses that Aliexpress trying to act in conscience and protect the seller if I still get the order and get a refund. Write them - to get orders shipped out of time and other track number, I do not intend to.As an honest buyer, I'm ready to get orders shipped 11/27/2014 with track number, which is specified in your account, but as this departure does not exist in nature, demand a full refund (forward honest dispute resolution, all touting this site write that in most cases Aliexpress side the buyer "because customer is always right, even if it is wrong," and I have available all violations Aliexpress). We are waiting for some time for a response from the seller. He again appealed that order already in my town. Re-write that I do not need an order, the seller sent-con man who used a fake track number, so I have not been refunded automatically by the system.Aliexpress again invites me to get the goods or provide proof of return. Write that according to the rules, unclaimed order is stored in the mail 30 days, after which goes to the one who sent him (meaning that the order will go back 24/1/2015, Aliexpress satisfied, then I will be refunded). I just received proof that the seller has violated the rules Aliexpress, I needed batteries ordered from another supplier and track the number of this order is tracked. And today, 13/01/2015 I get from Aliexpress letter - because I refuse to receive the goods, and to me there were no documents for 7 days (which is a lie, because I sent them an answer 05/01/2015, after which I no nothing asked), then it's like, my problems, and they send payment to the seller fraud.I told them, of course wrote a letter to the center of complaints to the Dispute Resolution Group provided me with evidence of compliance with the rules of the seller Aliexpress - time for dispatching the goods, the monitored track number that the seller had to provide me in November (instead of January), and paragraph Aliexpress rules obliging me to receive the order for me to track an unknown number, the absence of my list of orders (which found only in the open I dispute). But judging by their formal replies, no response will be. This is how a company with a turnover of 8,4mlrd. dollars and the richest man in Asia, according to Bloomberg (Jack Ma - the founder of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd) wiped spittle obscure SH Feng and co stole buyer 1325.20 rubles. I hope that the stolen money they bring a lot of "happiness", especially on the eve of Chinese New Year.

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Denunciation made on Jan 11, 2015 6:09:08 pm

POSTED BY : Michael ON Jan 11, 2015 6:09:08 pm

Wach it, they are thief... They ask you to pre-authorise and transaction of 00.01$ in your PayPal account... But in fact later they will pass other transaction without your permission.

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Denunciation made on Jan 10, 2015 3:40:54 am

POSTED BY : Manatunga ON Jan 10, 2015 3:40:54 am

I have paid 9000 RMB to a lady called Grace to buy some items. Her information mentioned in below (Company Name: Beijing Tenda Electric Development CO.Ltd.Mail Add:sale1@tendaelect.com Tel.: +8615510206341 Add:A312, KaiChi Bldg., JinFu Rd. No. 2, DaXing Economic Development Zone, Beijing, China Web: http://www.tendaelect.com Skype:Beijing. tenda. grace) I paid the money to this bank account (Beneficiary name - Wujiawei, AC no 6217857000036606885, Swift code - BKCHCNBJ400, First name - Lihua, Last name - Xu) after paying money she said items has mailed to my address by DHL air express. after some times she said items have been detained in customs and ask another 8800 RMB to release them. But there is no valid document or any other provement. She is not giving any other contact no of customs. As she said her manager's name is Linda (TP no 13126654168). She said she is member of alibaba group and send me emails in related site. Once I was seeking that company in alibaba site it was in scammers list.Please help me to solve this problem.

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