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Alibaba Gold Supplier 712 Denunciations

John Hutchison

Denunciation made on Oct 28, 2014 11:49:01 am

POSTED BY : John Hutchison ON Oct 28, 2014 11:49:01 am

After hearing all the great things about Alibaba and their successful IPO, I decided to try them. I saw what I wanted from three listings (Samsung Note 4 cell phone) on Alibaba and selected Perfect Sales Electro Ltd---I got a FedEx tracking number of the shipper being Quality Sales Electro LTD, 38 Mohie El,Din Abou El Ezz Street, NASR, Egypt (From:2692002352----Origin ID: ABSA) Then the SCAM started------ "Dispatch Manager has refused to ship out your order due to the MOQ regulation. The Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) to be shipped to your country is 5units, So as to meet the Market Value of your country.You will have to add to your products...So you just have to buy 4units more and you will get 3 as free......So that all the phones can complete 8units..Mind you..i should have refund your money because of this...but i have paid your customs fee and the Handling fee and also Tax and Vat..so its not possible to give refund...we just have to settle this,...and we will be glad if you co-operate with us..because we are willing to do bussiness with you---Do make payment for the additional units to be added to your order.so we can start the shipment..." I established with Alibaba Complaint Case 416634296 and received little help from them as they wanted a copy of the original Inquiry and I could not supply as they had deleted the listing and I never got an a copy back of what I emailed in on the Alibaba web site----but I had copies of everything else. After more than 50 emails, I have no satisfaction with settling this and no refund. The GANGSTERs involved are Wayne Nicolas at "qualitysales1231@outlook.com" Pamela Shaw'pcshaw@comcast.net' I have dealt with Ebay and Amazon more than a 100 times and have never had a single issue. This is the only time I will try Alibaba. They are CROOKs.

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Denunciation made on Oct 27, 2014 1:39:20 pm

POSTED BY : Andy ON Oct 27, 2014 1:39:20 pm

Ordered a couple of laptops (minimum order) through Alibaba to a company named Shenzhen Newsbon Technology Co Ltd. whose contact person's email is tinachina638@gmail.com and her name is Qiao Ma from Shenzhen, Guangdong. Paid $850 (incl. shipping) through Western Union. Never heard back from them again. The last time they answered my email was a couple of weeks back.

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Denunciation made on Oct 27, 2014 11:38:19 am

POSTED BY : FLYMASTER ON Oct 27, 2014 11:38:19 am

Ordered 100 16 GB class 10 micro Sd cards from Greatest-tech.com having been linked to that site from Alibaba. Agreed on a price and shipping method with Josie. Money sent by wire transfer. Was sent a tracking number that showed origin in Singapore and was told that the freight forwarder made a mistake. Tried to get bank to send money bank with no result. Had no response from Josie at Greatest-tech. Eventually received (1 month after sending money), 4 2GB flash drives worth less than 10 USD. They sometime use the name SHENZHEN-JIASHIDA-INDUSTRY-LIMITED as their company. Very deceitful. Alibaba is not interested in sorting this out either.

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Denunciation made on Oct 23, 2014 1:16:24 pm

POSTED BY : Paolo ON Oct 23, 2014 1:16:24 pm

I was scammed by this company: Xi'an Meilun Art & Crafts Co., Ltd. No. 8 Of Yanta Road | 710054 Xi'an | Shaanxi | China Direct +86 29 6862 3069 | Fax +86 29 8841 0331 Mobile + 86 150 2999 8087 Website address: www.crafts-meilun.com Website on Alibaba: samesun.en.alibaba.com Email Address leon@crafts-meilun.com linda@crafts-meilun.com I am a frequent buyer of products from China, from Alibaba.com. This time I had purchased 10.000pcs of sky flying lanterns from this company. They were still Gold Supplier on Alibaba.com, also I did some research on them and I couldn't find anything bad. I paid by T/T in advance on June 2014 Their bank details are as below: Beneficiary Bank: China Merchants Bank, Head Office Bank Address: 19/F., China Merchants Bank Tower, No. 7088 Shennan Boulevard, Shenzhen, P.R.China 518040 SWIFT CODE: CMBCCNBS008 Account No.: OSA755919126532701 Beneficiary: XI'AN MEILUN ART AND CRAFTS LTD I received the goods on August 2014, shipment by sea. All the cartons were in bad conditions, most lanterns were wet, others were damaged, dirty and with many holes, someone was rotten and had live insects inside. I tried to launch someone but the lanterns burns completely after few seconds, they were note safety, they are very dangerous. I contacted immediatly the supplier, I sent them pictures and videos, they were surprised of that, but they promised me a refund. But they only wanted to temporize, refund never arrived. I then filed a complaint with Alibaba.com and sent in all my evidence and they found my case to be valid against Xi'an Meilun Art & Crafts Co., Ltd for the defective product sales and said they could only post a unresolved case against them on the companies mini site as you could see on bottom left corner of there site for 90 days. I lost $3.000 !!! Beware of poor quality products from this company. They are not at all a manufacturing company, their SGS and CE certificates were FAKES! Stay away from this company!

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Apex ltd

Denunciation made on Oct 22, 2014 4:41:38 am

POSTED BY : Apex ltd ON Oct 22, 2014 4:41:38 am

Stay away from gold supplier Shenzhen Winsome Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. After long negotiations and assurences that stuff is in their storage, I ordered electronic parts and paid 1630$. What a surprise was in 2 days after payment, came an email informing me, that the stuff is no longer available, with explanation: some other colleague sold my stuff to another guy. I ordered to send my money back. Then came the biggest surprise, I became 220$ less then I sent. Then came more emails, with explanation, they pay no bank fees, although failure was on their side. My fee to transfer to china was 30$, their fee to transfer back was 190$. Never make bussines with this scammers. Thay don't sell anything, they only live from fictive bank fees. And force you to pay for their so-called failures.

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Denunciation made on Oct 17, 2014 11:29:11 pm

POSTED BY : TOSIN OGUNSHOLA ON Oct 17, 2014 11:29:11 pm

ShenZhen Gopower-industrial Co.,ltd Contact number: +86 0755 36613273 +86-15625240273 Skype: gopower.industrial E-mail: Grace@gopower-industrial.com Web: www.gopowerindustrial.com Stay away from this company Its a fraud company I am a Nigerian and i feel into their trap i lost just $201 meant to purchase tablet phone and never got it . immediately thet got the money via western union, they never spoke to me again infact the blocked me on skype. Later they sent me fake dhl tracking number. beware i have learnt my own lesson. +2348137670571

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Denunciation made on Oct 17, 2014 3:14:20 am

POSTED BY : Alan ON Oct 17, 2014 3:14:20 am

Stay Away from Yuyao Langrun Cosmetics Packing Factory I found Yuyao Langrun Cosmetics Packing Factory because I wanted to purchase plastic cosmetic cases. I did some research on them and I couldn't find anything bad. Reviews were above decent. I explained everything in detail to the seller on what I wanted. For example, I told them I wanted a white case and they said no problem, we have it in stock. Everything was going smoothly. After I paid was when things just changed. They told me that there was no white color cases, but there was a different color. But I had already asked them if they had white to begin with. They were pretty much playing dumb and saying that it was my fault for not be clearer. I was pretty clear to begin with. I don't think it's that hard to tell the difference between pink and white, despite the language barrier. I mean, pictures of white cases were even sent for clarification. They said I can get a refund, but I have to pay for the return shipping, or so they say. Scam or not, this company is not professional and should be dealt with caution if not at all. Be careful.

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Denunciation made on Oct 11, 2014 6:33:56 pm

POSTED BY : Sebastian ON Oct 11, 2014 6:33:56 pm

Good day all, Alibaba website is all a scam from sellers to the site, i have applied for the gold member status some time ago, i payed the fees, payed over $2K usd, in translation services (according to their requirements). After that i was getting excuses over and over again, we don\'t accept your address because is not showing my name on it. (my office is on an offices building it can not have my name), however is the official legal register address for my business, the same as my tax record. I then send them a notarized file, stating and giving proof of my address, which they did not accept because is not in the "accepted format" according to them, keep in mind we are talking about an international legal stamped notarized document, signed and witnessed by 2 government lawyers, my official ID attached, my company\'s official unique registration number. (which cost me another $1.5K by the way). I then told them i was going to look for legal action. They stopped answering me, and deleted my Alibaba account. Anyhow, i deal with mobile phones and android smartphones. prices from $10usd to $220usd. if anybody is interested, you can reach me at: Website: www.pegazim.com Email: se.sebastian@yahoo.com All items come with 1 year warranty. I accept T/T Bank of America Account, Paypal, and L/C. I still check Alibaba regularly looking for potential clients, hoping they leave their contact information. As all of them think that by selecting to be contacted only by "gold suppliers" they are safe. its all a scam. Well all the best, and good luck ! Regards. Sebastian.

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David Bailey

Denunciation made on Oct 11, 2014 2:17:12 pm

POSTED BY : David Bailey ON Oct 11, 2014 2:17:12 pm

I sent $834 to Shenzhen Ninecube Technology Co., Ltd. They give me an account no for ALLSTAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO LTD said that they are a subsidiary. A few days pass and no goods. The manager show me on his account that the money was there but waiting approval. I wait and wait until I am tired of waiting I made a complain to Alibaba. The manager then told Alibaba that I am a cheater and I never made any payment to him. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM "ALL STAR INTERNATIONAL TRADING CO LTD" OR Shenzhen Ninecube Technology Co., Ltd. as all evidence points to that they are SCAMMING! Before I pay the boss Rick Lou was communicating with me but after I pay, he is too busy!

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Denunciation made on Oct 08, 2014 4:00:27 pm

POSTED BY : nelu ON Oct 08, 2014 4:00:27 pm

ho fato il pagamento di 300 dolari per roba di electronica a www.camel-trades.com e dopo il pagamento nula niente roba niente soldi nesuna risposta

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