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Denunciation made on Sep 28, 2016 3:27:45 am

POSTED BY : Michael ON Sep 28, 2016 3:27:45 am

Fake Products that do not work, spent over $1300 on 4 LED bars and none worked, after 1 month of 100's of back and forth emails we managed to agree for us to pay for the lights to be sent back ($380) to get fixed. Another month latter we received the Led's,,, Only one worked. So it worked out to be 2 months of time and only 1 Led that worked. Which means that 1 LED is worth $1350. There are many other Led companies out there,,, I suggest you stay away from this one. http://nebulalight.com/

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Denunciation made on Sep 27, 2016 4:54:43 pm

POSTED BY : DenisMat ON Sep 27, 2016 4:54:43 pm

DALIAN HANGDUO CHEMICAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD and Jinan Pudong Import & Export Trading Co.,Ltd are scammers, we ordered samples of HDPE, samples were good quality, and then brought from the first company a container of sand. Then found by html codes that by Jinan Pudong company the same people stay. Avoid them and be careful. Usually scammers find you writing by e-mail despite you don't ask a quotation from them.

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Denunciation made on Sep 27, 2016 4:28:40 pm

POSTED BY : Ranald ON Sep 27, 2016 4:28:40 pm

Bought a log splitter from Addy Lee at Yantai Bossworth machinery co, paid over $3000 Aud for it by the time it was landed in Australia. The main part the rack that drives it broke after 10 mins of use, contacted them by email and Addy said he would ship a new part forthwith , it has now been 4 months and they do not return email or phone call. This trading company is nothing but a front they post photos of other factories on website,as they don't have one themselves. Do not deal with them , or Michael Damm from Honsun machinery they are just the same ! Except their splitter lasted 2 hrs before breaking! Don't trust or deal with any company on alibaba!

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Denunciation made on Sep 15, 2016 10:11:02 am

POSTED BY : Brian ON Sep 15, 2016 10:11:02 am

Alibaba Supplier Scam Alert!!! Please do yourself a favor and read my whole post, as what I am about to share with you will save you thousands if not millions of dollars and tons of headache. If you are sourcing for Sports, Fitness or Home & Kitchen related products. Do whatever you can to AVOID the following supplier (you may want to copy and paste to your notes for permanent reference). Company Name: Nantong Jinruite Technology Development Company Company: http://jinruite.en.alibaba.com https://ntjingu.en.alibaba.com - sister company Staff including: April Sue(Sales Manager), Amy Zhao (Sales Director), Rose King (Owner) We've done business with Nantong Jinruite since Dec. 2014. We have placed numerous orders with them, and their product quality has been somewhat satisfactory with only minor quality issues. Just when they earned our trust, we placed a very large order with them in the beginning of 2016. At that time little did we know that the factory had decided go behind our back and switch out the material on the most important component of the product just to cut cost and pocket the difference. Because they used an inferior material, the product couldn’t sustain long term use and it actually has become a safety hazard. (Even an inspection company would not be able to detect the problem. As the inferior substitute looked very solid from the appearance.) So you can only imagine what happened next. As soon as we found out that the product material has been changed, we stopped selling immediately and requested Amazon to destroy all the inventory. But by then thousands of units have been sold. Soon enough the product listing is flooded with negative reviews and our star rating tanked. It gets worse… The factory agreed to give us replacements only if we agreed to pay for the shipping. So we to pay for the shipping again plus unexpected local charges (they changed from FOB to EXW without our consent) and waited for 40 days for them to manufacture the replacement and ship over to Amazon. The factory promised to make only the best quality products from then on. But to our disappointment, the replacements arrived with numerous issues and the quality was significantly worse than previous orders. And the damage didn’t just stop there! Unfortunately just before we found out they switched the material before issuing us replacements, we placed another large order with them. We already lost trust with them, so we asked them to provide samples for our approval before they can start the mass production. Just as expected, the samples arrived with numerous quality issues again. Products were sloppily put together with ugly-looking weld lines in the plastic. Pins that held the product together were so loose that they were ready to pop. Even the color was wrong on the product and packaging for one variation! We told them that the samples are not acceptable and the mass production should not be started unless they improve the quality. The factory said too bad the mass production was done and awaiting assembly, before we’ve seen the samples!!! After months of back and forth of emailing them, they accepted they are at fault, but later on they would deny and dodge it. Truly, the worst customer service ever! The sales person I dealt with reacted very immaturely and unprofessionally - like a teenage girl. So I asked to do business with someone else in the company hoping to resolve the issues. Contacted the Owner-in both (Chinese and English) but no response. Contacted the Sales Director - no response either. In the end, I saw that they are not going to solve the quality issues and superseding our authority was unforgivable, I told them we will need our deposit back and we no longer wish to proceed with the order. Their response was: You know, this is China. According to Chinese law, deposit money is non-refundable. We are a professional and honest factory. That's why we are trying our best to match your requirements, and make you feel satisfied.  Before all these happened, the product was generating about $25,000.00 in sales for us on Amazon. But with the drop of star rating and sales ranking, now the product is only making 1/4 of what it used to. And we are still getting negative reviews every now and then! Nantong Jinruite Technology Development Company never held themselves accountable for their actions nor did they care that they had ruined our brand reputation and caused us great financial loss. Instead they continued to boast the replacements as if it was the best favor ever. It’s almost laughable that they still claimed that they are an honest, trustworthy, reliable company. With refunds, replacements, shipping, disposal fees, lost sales and deposit money, we calculated that doing business with this factory has cost us at least $50,000.00 to $100,000.00!!! This is a truly a very expensive lesson that we learned. So be wise and DO NOT repeat our mistake. If you are looking for a supplier, look elsewhere. If you are already doing business with them, you’d better switch before they find the opportune moment and pull the same “bait and switch” and “non-refundable deposit”stunt on you and destroy the business that you’ve spent years to build. Please feel free to reply to this should you have further questions, I’d be happy to answer them.

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Denunciation made on Sep 12, 2016 8:59:26 pm

POSTED BY : C ON Sep 12, 2016 8:59:26 pm

Sent wrong items. Wouldn't refund. Insisted that I send them the items back, paying for the shipping myself, even though THEY are the ones that sent the wrong items. Said they would send me another if I paid for it... NO SHIT! Complete scam. Terrible customer service. Uses email service@kissmarketonlineshop.com

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Denunciation made on Sep 11, 2016 5:42:41 pm

POSTED BY : Kiaibrahim ON Sep 11, 2016 5:42:41 pm

Below was the message I sent before Unihair sent sample of real hair to me, so that I can order bulk and when I paid $3502 to them all the hair sent were fake, not real atall so beware of them, they are not trustworthy atall Below is the information keep off people it's not worth it atall Tam Phan (Ms.Bella) Handphone, Whatsapp: (+84) 1634418727 Skype: ta.ta407 Mail: bella@unihairvn.com UNIHAIR VIETNAM Address: 40 Thach Lam st, Son Tra Ward, Da Nang city, 59000, Vietnam Office Tel: +845116281111 Website: http://unihairvn.com/ But unihair has sent another one claiming factory error,am happy now because I gat what I wanted,please remove their name from scammers,thanks correction as been made

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Denunciation made on Sep 11, 2016 3:51:40 am

POSTED BY : ALI UCHE EGWU ON Sep 11, 2016 3:51:40 am

I made a sample order $4000.00 of A4 paper with the company that has that website since morethan a month ago and up till date, they have not supply my goods and it not replying/talking to me again. The 30% payment was made twice totalling 60% ($2400.00). The second payment was as a result of the bank (firstbank of Nigeria PLC)that was used in making the payment unable to comfirm if the money have actually heat the company account or not. because of this, i made the second payment through skye bank of Nigeria PLC. After the second payment, this company was still telling me they have not receive any deposit until I send a forward to confirm with the bank if actually the money is not in the account against the account name and number i made the payment through. My forwarder confirmed $1160 and $1170 against the account information I gave to him. It was after then that this company accepted such payment have been made.This company accepted this on 24th August 2016 and uptill now,I have not had any positive response from them rather they demand I pay 100% which was not our agreement and finally stopped talking to me and did not supply the goods. I just want to use this medium to lay my complain so that you take appropriate action towards this company/fraud star.

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Denunciation made on Sep 09, 2016 11:53:26 pm

POSTED BY : Allan ON Sep 09, 2016 11:53:26 pm

It's been 2month since I was scamed by this 4 year gold supplier. Or Should I say 4 year gold liar. Im doing this because what happen to me, I don't want to happen to anyone els. I lost my job and was humiliated front of my family. What happen to me should not happen to anyone. these savages are heartless, they ruined my life, don't trust their smoth talking workers, they use alibaba, skype and whatsapp as a secondary source, but after you send them your money, you will see nothing than fake promises. I filled a complain on alibaba against them and provided every detail of our conversation. Even payment method by western union, alibaba did nothing dispite my 100+ photos with proof. So I decided to create a blogg and provide all the info there. Here are all the info about the scammers Scammer: https://hanoipiecottonbag.trustpass.alibaba.com/ Scammer: www.hanoipie.com proof: http://hanoipie-scam.blogspot.com/

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Denunciation made on Sep 09, 2016 12:18:34 pm

POSTED BY : Bob ON Sep 09, 2016 12:18:34 pm

Once again I now have 2 more defective battery packs, the mfg will not warranty their product unless I purchase more ...... this is my second purchase from this company I already bought 100 of them and so far I have 7 of them that wont charge up or hold a charge, this is your warning, DON'T do business with this company, your complaints will go unanswered and then you are screwed, as I have been! Shenzhen Lith Battery Co., Ltd. A1 Building, Silicon Valley Power Park, Qinghu Village, Longhua Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, 518109, P.R.China. Mail: joey@lithbattery.com

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Denunciation made on Sep 08, 2016 5:35:12 am

POSTED BY : richardo ON Sep 08, 2016 5:35:12 am

not grant warranty for parts bad quality devices do not respond to your requests after buying the product Attention https://gz-mts.en.alibaba.com/ GZ-MTS ELECTRONICS.LTD

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