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Alibaba Gold Supplier 108 Denunciations

Burak Karabay

Denunciation made on Dec 19, 2017 3:15:39 pm

POSTED BY : Burak Karabay ON Dec 19, 2017 3:15:39 pm

We are sorry to express that our company has been subject to a fraud by the Gangfente Steel Products whom we have established contact by Ali Baba Platform. Our first order was short-shipped and we received 4.700 kg of stainless steel sheets instead of 26.000 kg.! In addition, the quality of the material is lower than we had paid for. We had sent an advance payment of 10.000 USD for a second order. After seeing the short shipment in the first order, we have cancelled our second order and demanded the return of the advance payment. However, the company does not return our money and spends time with empty promises. They do not give an exact explanation for the short shipment as well.

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Sara Peralta

Denunciation made on Dec 14, 2017 3:28:09 pm

POSTED BY : Sara Peralta ON Dec 14, 2017 3:28:09 pm

By the present I submit a report of a fraud scheme of wich I was a victim. I am a regular customer of Ted Baker brand, that doesn't have a physic store in Portugal. Due to that, I always place my order on the official website of the Brand. Not being able to find a specific item there, that had recently stock out, I searched on the internet for other providers that represent the brand. That is how I found www.sonsetfund.org, a UK company, as presented on the official web site: We are a designer Ted Baker UK outlet factory shop to offer people who love the British style designer brand an extensive range of best price new ted baker clothing, ted baker shoes, ted baker bags and ted baker sunglasses with free shipping on orders over £65. You can just feel relaxed to shop at http://www.sonsetfund.org. Any personal privacy information of you will be protected by us. And we will try our best to offer you better service. On the 10th June 2017, I've order on the site a pair of Ted Baker shoes size 37, in the total value of 84 GBP, equivalent to 104,37 Euros (picture attached). On the 12th June, I consulted my credit card extract and saw the denomination of the company. I had Immediately realized that I was a victim of a china scheme. 12-06-2017 10-06-2017 MAS*AQXIICHU TECH LTD SHANGHAI CN 104,37 On the 16th August, more than 2 months after placing my order, I received a letter from Customs to collect an order from China. According to terms and conditions post on the website the deadline to receive the order was maximum 15 working days after placement date, what naturally was not respected. Terms and conditions copied from official web site bellow: Shipping Our online shop offers you free delivery on all your orders worldwide.Once you have placed the order(s) at http://www.sonsetfund.org,we will ship the product(s) you buy out within 3 days and you will receive your item(s) in 10-15 business days. Our shipping methods are only as accurate as the information that we are given. Please verify all of your shipping and billing information when placing your order. Our system is capable of retaining multiple addresses; although it will always select the default address for both shipping and billing. You will have the option of entering a new address or selecting one that has been previously entered during the checkout process. It is your responsibility to verify that all addresses are complete and accurate. Please make sure to include your apartment, suite, unit, room, or space number to ensure proper and timely delivery of your order. All orders will be shipped to the address listed on the confirmation page of the order. Return Policy Please read our return policy carefully to ensure you can proceed with your request as quick as possible. 1 All returns should be sent back to us in their original packaging provided. 2 You have 14 days from receipt of order to request your returns number. You will receive your returns number by email. Unsuitable items must then be returned within 14 days of receiving your returns number. 3 The item(s) you want to return should be returned unworn and in perfect condition,with designer garment tags still attached. Returns that are damaged, soiled or returned without their original labels may not be accepted and may be sent back to the customer. 4 Before your parcel leaves our warehouse, it is fully checked and controlled by our packing team. If you receive an item which is damaged, please contact Customer Care immediately. 5 If your item is faulty (i.e. received damaged or manufacturing fault), we can offer alternatives such as repair or exchanges. For more information, please contact our Customer Care team. In addition of the value that I have already payed by the shoes, I was charged by the Customs 41,14 Euros (invoice attached), in a total of 145,51 Euros. I received a fake Christian Loubotin shoes size 38 (pictures attached), that was not what I have ordered. The shoes are the wrong number and hey are damaged and dirty. I immediately send an e-mail to the sonsetfund e-maill: busteivgservice230@gmail.com reporting this situation. Based on that, I immediately ask for a refund, that was accepted, by e-mail. Until now, 4 months later, I am still waiting for the refund and the site is still running and damaging more innocent people. Please find bellow the address from where he order was dispatched: Meibang Apartment Tianyou The Three Way Nanhai District Foshan City Guandong Province China Hope this can prevent future schemes and avoid more victims

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Denunciation made on Dec 13, 2017 12:38:13 pm

POSTED BY : gotscammed ON Dec 13, 2017 12:38:13 pm

The Crook's store name: Super Heartbeats Crook's Store no.: 1985037 Crook's username: Stone Lucky AliExpress = Crooks Central Be warned Buying stuff on this site people. Only attempt if you've got money to burn. This site is Russian roulette. You take your chance & might pay the costs. I'd lost a small amount by the trickery of the above Snake. The goods were placed in early Sept 2017 then was informed it was sent, but by end of Oct, it still hadn't arrive! So back/forth messages were sent to the Seller & s/he pretended the goods were on its way. Now, mid Dec, nothing! Earlier, I tried to get a refund by opening a dispute but the 'Open Dispute' system was BLOCKED. The message was always: 'Sorry you cannot open a dispute for this order. Disputes can only be opened up to 15 days after you have confirmed receiving your items' Now this Crook knew this (since I'll never get my items as they'd never send it) I could never open a dispute! And today, it turns out that this is how they scam their unsuspecting Buyers & get off scot free from the fraud! S/he messaged in great smugness that 'time's out', as if it's all a game & I'm lost. I do hope an asteroid would fall on top of this immature, human turd asap! I informed AliExpress but either they're not interested &/or spineless. They'd just referred me to the customer service (non existing), chat bot (useless), help center (time wasting). Even sending emails to AliExpress office turned out to be like a lucky draw, you either get an unhelpful reply or you get no reply! I told AliExpress that by not taking action to deal with these criminals, they're harbouring crooks in their mists. This is why I'm warning you lot out there to stay clear of AliExpress shopping platform if you can help it. Not all the Sellers are baddies, but the baddies are sitting pretty waiting for their free money. I would prefer to give what I've lost to charity than these heartless losers! Mr Jack Ma & all you directors, CEOs of Alibaba group. I hope you lot take a look at this site & see what some of your useless staff are NOT doing to help overseas Buyers. Your local criminals are letting loose on your online marketing sites to scam the world & you guys need to take urgent action to weed them out pronto.

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sarah zhang

Denunciation made on Dec 07, 2017 7:18:25 am

POSTED BY : sarah zhang ON Dec 07, 2017 7:18:25 am

I am Chinese lawyer help people around the world scammed by Chinese suppliers on Aliababa to get the payment back. However, if you were scammed less than 1000usd, forget it because it does not worth of pursuing scammers in consideration of legal fees. If more than 5000USD, contact me WhatsApp +86 15805155987; email: js.lawyer@outlook.com

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Denunciation made on Dec 04, 2017 9:00:14 pm

POSTED BY : ste01b ON Dec 04, 2017 9:00:14 pm

Hy Please help me I pay 2500 us dolar . is ok? http://pricisefreighservices.com/ tracking number 1510275838 for this guy Henry Williams +17064269802 whats up new contact old contact +12897692815 here no answer I contact him from Alibaba with name MICHAEL JASPER U.S. Texas Houston. Money Gram Reference number 54584761 1000$ Western union MCT 2006314038 505.90 $ MCT 1709628118 821.96 $ I am from Ireland Dublin what up number +353876604473 Thanks and sorry .if is not true I like to inform Texas FBI please .

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