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Alibaba Gold Supplier 50 Denunciations


Denunciation made on Feb 26, 2018 11:11:42 pm

POSTED BY : sebastian ON Feb 26, 2018 11:11:42 pm

I ordered prescription medication from this company bestrcs.com which I had a legal prescription for here in the states. They had me send them payment then stopped responding to my emails altogether. I have emailed them directly through the website and through another email I was given and not one reply since sending them the money. They gave me a tracking number which says that it is set up but nothing is sent. All together they scammed me for 100.00 U.S. dollars and I am going after them on the Chinese continent as I am married to a Chinese citizen who knows government officials in Bejing.

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Denunciation made on Feb 26, 2018 6:23:06 am

POSTED BY : Ryan ON Feb 26, 2018 6:23:06 am

We, on behalf of Shanghai ChangLong Food Pty Ltd, purchased a container of donkey meat with Chirinos Pedraglio Claudio from KKARA SAC Peru. The contract has been signed in the end of Jul 2017 with the initial 50% deposit paid at the same time. The production is due to be completed within 10 days after KKARA received payment. However, KKARA hasn't shipped our good so far and it's now Feb 2018, nearly 8 months after contract date. I spoke to manager Claudio and he gave different excuses within the first 4 months, including livestock price jump, short of supply of donkey. He continued to make promise he would ship container soon, but this has never happened. During this period, he even provided me with a fake Bill of lading. In early Dec, I started losing patience, I didn't see any effort made by him to fulfill this order, therefore I requested Claudio to return deposit, which he agreed. But he said he can't return funds now because he has spent those money on live stock for production and waiting for payment from his customers. Ridiculous, ANOTHER LIE! This man has no money to run the business and has to use customer's money. This is certainly unethical business practice. and talking ironically, he kept telling me that the animal is too expensive and make this business unworkable, which means the money is not spent on animal purchasing. But he refused even to do a partial refund. So far I have totally lost confidence in this company and he has responded to customer queries with lots of lies and cheats. No effort to ship this container, and no intention to refund money. I would seriously alert anyone who wants to do business with this company. he and his company has no credibility at all. Please do not trust this company and they will definitely piss you off, they provided government docs approved by Peru regulator to gain your trust, but the owner is not an honest business man and very risky if you want to lose control over your money. You will definitely be pissed off by doing business with them. ANOTHER SHIT COMPANY FROM PERU. I'm now considering taking legal action against him to try get my money back. However, this is certainly prolonged and exhausting process. Regards

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Denunciation made on Feb 25, 2018 5:15:38 pm

POSTED BY : Winegee ON Feb 25, 2018 5:15:38 pm

We cancelled the orders that we had made to the merchant on alibaba for many reasons. After paying for our goods, it was time to have them shipped and my wife who is in charge of this has a FedEx account which she prefers to use as compared to a forwarder that we do not know. On calling FedEx to get things ready, they told us that they do not ship from sellers location. The seller was trying to talk us into using their forwarder and we toyed with the idea for a minute but once the seller started talking about adjusting the value of the goods which would lower our taxes/ or erase them we started to question ourselves about the legitimacy of this company. The seller said that they do this for their customers implying that committing tax fraud is not a new thing to them. We decided to go ahead and cancel the order and the supplier declined. We felt offended and incited by the merchant who assists and introduces most of his customers to commit tax fraud. We informed alibaba about how the seller was pushing us to commit a crime and they ignored it. We went ahead and filed for a refund and waited a whole month. On alibaba, it shows that the seller already shipped out our goods and that we received them. Alibaba deleted all of our refund application information and has disabled us from applying for a refund for one of the orders. We have no way of talking to a live person about this and the seller will not issue a refund. We have done lots of research online and realize that alibaba and its sellers are a fraud. There are so many complaints about buyers losing money even after applying for a refund. We trust that you will take this seriously and help us get our money back. Who takes care of issues like this because clearly there is no way of contacting alibaba and speaking with a live person?

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Denunciation made on Feb 24, 2018 5:23:17 am

POSTED BY : EDI ON Feb 24, 2018 5:23:17 am

Hello Alibaba, I was looking for suppliers of computers and tablets. Since I trust your company I have no hesitation when you suggest me suppliers. Now I have sent money to three different companies to buy computers. For more than a week I have not received a return. And one of the suppliers tells me that the goods are blocked by the Chinese customs and asks me to pay another 30% of the total price of my order otherwise I will not receive my package. What should I do? Is it possible to send you the address and name of these providers for assistance? I stay tuned and impatient My email: edi_provincemacaire@yahoo.fr Whatup +22505472060

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Denunciation made on Feb 17, 2018 10:31:14 am

POSTED BY : FraudProtector ON Feb 17, 2018 10:31:14 am

Scammer is working under company name: Happy Room Co., LTD and the name is Garam Kim with phone number +1(631)500-5544. He directs you to WhatsApp, takes your money for your purchase and then asks for more money for insurance, instead of sending. He also goes by Majalah Iklan, Junior Younng and has money sent to Zuleyha Rahmanova in Instanbul, Turkey. Other emails he uses include: power455@naver.com, garamkim673@gmail.com, allelectronicsstore6@gmail.com, junior.younng@gmail.com. Do not fall for this scammer, he has fake names and emails with products on multiple sites but uses the same hone number +1(631)500-5544. Beware!

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