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Alibaba Gold Supplier 18 Denunciations

Keith Forbes

Denunciation made on Apr 18, 2018 10:26:38 pm

POSTED BY : Keith Forbes ON Apr 18, 2018 10:26:38 pm

Alibaba Welding Machine SCAM China: Taizhou Genteck Electric Company Limited - Spark Brand Spark Welding Machines Brand from Taizhou Genteck Electric Company Limited is a SCAM!! They will steal your money then not return your emails!!! I sent money to Taizhou Genteck Electric Co., Ltd in China. They acknowledged receipt of the funds (via bank TT). The payment was for 5 welding machines as a mini order of samples which I would sell and obtain customer feedback. The understanding was that they needed 100 percent deposit because they needed to purchase raw materials to manufacture brand new machines. 4 pieces of the 5 machines they eventually sent (after 2 months of waiting for the order to be processed) were extremely dirty (inside and out), all very severely dented and scratched (yet the shipping boxes showed no signs of damage due to shipping), cabinet door fasteners were either broken or so loosely attached that they hung precariously out of place, paint finish was smudged, with 2 different colour tones, and had chips revealing rusting metal underneath, and there were broken connector insulation and trim. The machines are generally in a deplorable state, and cannot even be reasonably considered as lightly used, let alone brand new! But here's the kicker: of the 5 machines, only 2 of them actually run! The rest are DOA (dead on arrival)!! The goods are completely useless! My emails to my direct correspondent, as well as 6 other email contacts to that company, continue to remain unanswered more than 6 weeks and counting!! Link to yutube video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KYTOK7dNOTg

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tomas zabala diaz

Denunciation made on Apr 18, 2018 12:59:23 pm

POSTED BY : tomas zabala diaz ON Apr 18, 2018 12:59:23 pm

im a schol teacher i promise my student that if they pass the english class i was going to buy them some smart phone for them, they passed and i have to buy the cellphones for them i went to alibaba.com in wich im a member saw some stuff there then i hit the get a quote buttom on alibaba.com and within minutes i have 16 people trying to sell me cellphones. i pick terry li and pukong electronics only to scam by mr terry li and pukong electronics.once they have my money they dissapeared then i complaint to alibaba.com only to be told to go to china and get a lawyer, what a joke, once alibaba.com told me this then i realice they are also in it, the only way this scammer got to my money and neverless to say my information was because i hit the get a quote buttom on alibaba.com and they put the scammer directly in touch with me thank you so much alibaba.com for stealing our money from oour school and saying oh we have nothing to do with that complaint number 8040010 scammers name terry li, chunfu tang, yunfan li, whom pick up the money at shenzhen,guandong china 51900 email wholetrader1991@outlook.com whatapp 8613241397559. also this other comapny and people are also scamming JOEY R with factorydropshiping@hotmail.com ella miller wholesale@yy-electronics.com shenzhen electronics. EASON CHAN bestwholesaleltd@vip.163.com legou group co.limited vuiton louise blong electronics mark wongsales@57blong.com bill@topeng-mart.com anita chow factorysalesqaz@outlook.com wilson.manager@flash-emart.com be on the look out for this people and companies which you could have access to by just hitting the get a quote buttom

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Denunciation made on Apr 17, 2018 8:15:49 am

POSTED BY : KrasnovArpa ON Apr 17, 2018 8:15:49 am

Не найдя такового рода инфор- мации на карточке продукта, возможный клиент уйдет назад в поисковую систему с целью поглядеть представления остальных людей о предоставленном продукте. В итоге возможность приобретения продукта на вашем сайте существенно снизится. [url=https://webcrasty.ru/prodvizhenie-sajtov-raskrutka/krasnodar/]В краснодаре продвижение сайтов[/url] задайте их создателям книжки! Как говорилось больше, одним из важных причин принятия решения о приобретению в теме " Товары для деток " является доверие родителей к качеству и сохранности продукции. Для получения натуральных откликов разрешено изготовить email-рассылку по уже состояв- шимся клиентам с просьбой поставить обретенные продукты. 38 Форма обсуждения продукта позволит увеличить количество откликов, к тому же гости интернет-сайта сумеют консультироваться друг с ином, обретать позитивные отголоски от лояльных юзеров. Однако при таком способе коммуникации нужно вовремя отвечать на вероятный негатив и позволять неоднозначные вопросы. Задайте их создателям книжки https://webcrasty.ru/prodvizhenie-sajtov-raskrutka/krasnodar/ - доступное seo продвижение сайтов в краснодаре. Помимо этого принципиально смотреть за славой интернет-магазина в козни. Негативные отзывы о работе службы доставки, возврате продукта или несоблюдении сроков имеютвсешансы свести на нет все стремления по оптимизации интернет-сайта.

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Bill Graham

Denunciation made on Apr 16, 2018 3:33:17 pm

POSTED BY : Bill Graham ON Apr 16, 2018 3:33:17 pm

Our company Javajig Coffee entered into a contract with Turando Electronics (its owner Vince Gen) to build out coffee maker per our design specifications. We were given a tooling cost which was originally less than the U.S. quote of $120,000 and had paid about $80,000. We also paid nearly $20000 for sample product which we never received. Then in addition to Mr. Gen and Turando no only stealing out tooling, but also had the balls to offer our coffeemaker design on Alibaba. This company and Vince are not trust worthy. I am now seeking justice through the U.S. Government civil and criminal departments.

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Denunciation made on Apr 12, 2018 11:02:24 pm

POSTED BY : Alexander ON Apr 12, 2018 11:02:24 pm

Careful with http://www.maersk-group.com/index.asp They will not provide proof of product, will not show proof of product until they are paid. They want you to pay and will not provide product! They are theifs

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Denunciation made on Apr 11, 2018 8:01:16 am

POSTED BY : sarah ON Apr 11, 2018 8:01:16 am

I am a Chinese lawyer, helping scammed businessmen get the payment back. if you were scammed more than 5000USD, you could contact me WhatsApp: 15805155987 email: js.lawyer@outlook.com

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Denunciation made on Apr 10, 2018 4:11:38 am

POSTED BY : SANG LE ON Apr 10, 2018 4:11:38 am

Shaoxing Sunway Tools & Hardware Import & Export Co., Ltd. (10 YEARS GOLD SUPPLIER) https://sunwaytools.en.alibaba.com Address: Room 1204,Building No.1, Kingland Plaza International Business Center,Shaoxing,Zhejiang,China. TEL: 0086-575-88615383, FAX: 0086-575-88360381, Contact: Mr.Gaofeng chen, Mobile: 0086-13575506532 I had made purchase his punching and bender tools for total amount USD 8,028.00 and I made 50% payment to him on 08 Jan 2018. The proforma invoice show the delivery time will be about 30-35 days. Until now still have not received the goods. During negotiation they are very prompt and efficient. After I had made payment, everything change made phone call no answer and email no reply. I don't understand how they are Gold Member supplier for 10 years, and yet can do such thing. Alibaba administrator kindly do some auditing and checking. This had made us loose confident dealing business with mainland with this kind of Black Sheep. To All members my advice not to purchase anything from this company.

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Jose Talavera

Denunciation made on Apr 07, 2018 1:14:41 pm

POSTED BY : Jose Talavera ON Apr 07, 2018 1:14:41 pm

Dont buy locks or hinges from this people, they are a fraud. This company, Baotai Locks and person Joe Cheung are the most unproffesional people I found anywhere After 2 years of samples and trials, they cannot produce a correct mould to manufacture our hinges, they cannot read an Autocad drawing, and now I have to ask Alibaba for my money back.

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