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Alibaba Gold Supplier 97 Denunciations


Denunciation made on Apr 30, 2019 10:31:53 am

POSTED BY : Judy ON Apr 30, 2019 10:31:53 am

Just wanted to warn everyone about this “supplier” Heifei longnew pet products co., Ltd. on Alibaba. We fortunately only bought a small test order, only to find out that they go around photoshopping images from real companies and knocking off their products. The products were horrible quality. We received a cease and desist from the company that actually owns the patent and product designs. Stay away! They’re clearly a bad player and will scam or steal as necessary. You can get sued or have the inventory seized. Fortunately, we don’t have a huge loss but it could’ve been catastrophic.

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Igor Chentsov

Denunciation made on Apr 25, 2019 9:08:55 am

POSTED BY : Igor Chentsov ON Apr 25, 2019 9:08:55 am

In march 2018 I placed the request in Alibaba that I require HDPE in granulas to supply in Ukraine. The company SHENZHEN POLYONE NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD contacted me by Skype. Contact person Emma wong (sales manager). email - emma@polyoneplastic.com Skype - live:emma_8189 After some negotiation I ordered samples of some HDPE. I paid by SWIFT, paypal or bank card was not an option from supplier. The order was received in time. The quality was very good. Just we ordered two containers and paid for it totally 21'180 USD, they shipped the goods but hold bill of ladings for two month without reply on our emails and calls. In the end, we received bills of lading with huge demurrage paid. We've opened containers and found there some garbage, not our order. We wrote, called many times, but they disappiar. We paid by SWIFT under sales contract. In all documents there was correct material, but in real there was some send. How did they pass Export control with garbage inside? Company details: SHENZHEN POLYONE NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD (or Shenzhen Lili Wanxin Materials Co., Ltd.) Business registration number: 440301112443916 Unified Social Credit Code: 914403003352208813 Legal representative:Liu Hui Address:Room 403,B Building,DaXin Commercial Building, No 3083,NanXIn Road,NanTou Street, NanShan District,ShenZhen city,China. Bank details: BANK OF CHINA SHENZHEN YIYUANLU BRANCH ADDRESS:FIRST FLOOR BULIDING 10,MINGJIAFUJU,NO 16,ZHENGFENG ROAD,NANSHAN DISTRIC T,SHENZHEN CITY, P.R.CHINA POST CODE:518052 SWIFT CODE: BKCHCNBJ45A ACCOUNT NUMBER: 752364993630 BENEFICIARY NAME:SHENZHEN POLYONE NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD Owner details: First name: Hui Family name: Liu Passport series and No.: ID card number: 430422199406286434 Date of issue: 2012.06.25-2022.06.25 Issuing authority: Police Station of HengNan City Registration № region taxpayer cards: 440300335220881 Date of birth: 1964-06-28 Place of birth: HengNan city, HuNan province Registered: China At the moment taking into account all costs we lost about 30'000 USD and supplier just disappeared.

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Denunciation made on Apr 17, 2019 4:09:52 am

POSTED BY : Hermelina ON Apr 17, 2019 4:09:52 am

The company is a fraud. I bought 4 round dinning tables. During negotiations, I was shown a package that does not meet the requirements of security and safety of goods. I have been asking the company to change the packaging for a long time in order to get the goods undamaged. But they refused me. I was promised that the tables will be fine. They ignored my requests and sold me a low-quality product. In addition, the tables are damaged. I made claims, but they suggested that I repair the tables by myself. They also offered to buy materials for repair for my money. To sell tables I need quality photos or pictures. But they refuse me. Just do not respond to my requests. This company is a typical Chinese crook, which sells low quality for high prices. They need to be stopped in order not to deceive other customers. I will write a complaint to the Ministry of the Interior and the Сustoms Department.

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