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Alibaba Gold Supplier 97 Denunciations


Denunciation made on Jun 23, 2019 9:19:14 pm

POSTED BY : aditya ON Jun 23, 2019 9:19:14 pm

I asked a product sample from this company via direct email and alibaba. They do not want to response via alibaba. Instead, they make a conversation via direct mail. I was not suspicious because their alibaba page looks convincing. With all of the certificate, factory picture, and product display, this company seems to be very profesional. I did suspicious with their last transaction since the customer is complaining about the missing battery and there is no more transaction via alibaba afterwards but I ignore that fact at that stage. After several emails, the sales manager name Panson (panson@ecoriderscooter.com) asked me a payment outside alibaba. He charged me money that worth 4 times than the product original price displayed in their alibaba page with excuse that he wanted to send it via express shipping. I made payment in timely manner to their hongkong bank account (document attached). There was a slight miss communication on the transfer fee but Panson already confirmed that he is okay with the loss (document attached) to build long term relationship. The value worth 33 USD which is very minor to the total value which worth 700 USD. Several weeks after payment, I received the stuffs. When I received the electric scooter, the product came with damaged body. It was poorly packaged and all of the support Styrofoam is broken. The aluminum body of the scooter was scratched and several rubber parts were broken. I made complain to him directly after the product is received but he replied to me 2 weeks later. They were responding at the first complaint but after several days they diverted the complaint to the chinese shipping company. The problem did not stop there the chinese shipping company re diverted the complain to Indonesia shipping company. Then I made a complain to ecorider company representative as displayed in alibaba account (name nicole lee). Nicole replied to me with excuse that the problem is on the shipping company. I did a pro active research with the Indonesia shipping company and found that the company in Indonesia is a fake company. I got the goods shipped by a man riding a motorcycle and got no shipping document at all. I asked the ecorider sales manager for a shipping company from china to Indonesia and he couldnt show it to me. All I got from him is just a tracking number with a link to a tracker system. The excuse from the Chinese shipping company and ecorider is that I need to make a complain to the indonesia shipping company. However the Indo shipping company is unreachable and they do not want to response to my question. I re asked them about another solution because I could not make any formal complain but they do not want to response. I have told the All of the conversation, money request, complaint report are done properly by email. With the fact that now the person do not response to my email and I have already made a positive contact with them in a proper stage with a good manner, I think it is a good time for me to start going externally. I make sure that I asked them directly whether they want to be responsible for the product damaged or not but they did not response at all. Since this company is listed in alibaba, I think reporting the performance of this company to alibaba is a good step to be done. It seems that their last transaction with alibaba got a bad response from a buyer so I think there is a problem that need to be sorted out with this company. The company profile page in alibaba looks convincing but the reality of the performance is really disappointing. I acknowledge the mistake by doing transaction outside alibaba with this supplier. However I strongly suggest that alibaba make a revisit to this company performance. Also if Alibaba can help me to report to provide any useful link to report this kind of business activity it will be very helpful to leverage good chinese supplier and stop the bad practice of a bad chinese supplier

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Denunciation made on Jun 20, 2019 9:41:26 pm

POSTED BY : Carmen ON Jun 20, 2019 9:41:26 pm

So here is this guy; Kim Kwon Chang. I contacted him through alibaba because I wanted to purchase some facial cleaning brushes (Foreo was the trademark). The thing is this man, apparently Korean, ask me to make the payment (US$180) via western union or moneygram, and I did it. I was talking with him via whatsapp (+1 941 992 2148) and as soon I confirmed the payment, he stopped answering. Then, after a couple of days he contacted me again, saying he wasnt "at the office" and that the product was already in my country entrance but had to pay US150.00 more in order to my country agency lend me the goods (supposedly) anyway I didnt make the extra payment. So please be carefull with this scammer, and if you could help me spam that son of a goat whatsapp, I will be very gratefull.

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Foluke Atoyebi

Denunciation made on Jun 15, 2019 5:39:44 am

POSTED BY : Foluke Atoyebi ON Jun 15, 2019 5:39:44 am


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Denunciation made on Jun 15, 2019 4:18:16 am

POSTED BY : Sergey ON Jun 15, 2019 4:18:16 am

I agreed with the company to purchase a single product test (iPhone) I sent money but they did not send me the product and wrote that I should send more money. when I asked for my money they said it was impossible .. so that I received no money or product i have screen shot if some interesting i will send .. and ani if know if i can take money pls write me on WhatsApp ( and there if want will send screen) +491788190864

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Denunciation made on Jun 12, 2019 12:11:19 am

POSTED BY : Jonny ON Jun 12, 2019 12:11:19 am

They do not deliver the product, they charge a lot for the merchandise, they charge for paypal and they do not answer the phone, I do not recommend the company Ucreat3d, they have a bad feeling and their equipment is not professional. I sent an inspection and it's a room, I do not recommend it.

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Denunciation made on Jun 04, 2019 9:17:42 am

POSTED BY : Thomas ON Jun 04, 2019 9:17:42 am

Quzhou Able Machinery EquipmenHongwuhuan W3128t Co Ltd www.ablejx.com Hongwuhuan W3128 Check out the videos at: https://youtu.be/PnjrJBIy2Ow , https://youtu.be/mMdtund_Srg , https://youtu.be/iDbiWeRkj5I , I have ordered and payed for two ready assembled and tested Diesel powered compressors Type Hongwuhuan W3128 from the Company Quzhou Able Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.. Both compressors never have been tested for sure. No smell of Diesel in the fuel tanks and both engines were not fixed. When I unpacked them I have seen immediately that the belts are not tightened and the Diesel engines were not fixed. So I took a compressor mechanic to help me. We found out that it was not possible to tighten the engine bolts as they were stuck to the engine. Our contact told us that we should simply shorten these screws, but said that the compressors had been tested. With not tightened screws ?? After we had aligned the engine according to the operating instructions, and the V-belts were accordingly stretched, the first start took place. After about 30 seconds, the compressor threw off the V-belts. The reason for this was that the engine had moved and was no longer straight. Our guess, the engine mounts are too weak. After consultation with my contact, I was told that probably the engine mounts were too weak. I thought the compressors had been tested. Then I had 4 new engine mounts made. After these were installed and the engine and V-belts were aligned by laser, a new test run. This time the compressor was running for about 2 minutes and only reached a pressure of 5 bar and not, as promised, 7 bar. After 2 minutes the compressor threw off the V-belts again. We also found that the compressor leaked in several places and lost air. During this test run we noticed extreme vibrations. Presumably imbalance in the flywheel of the compressor. After consultation with my contact, I was told that this is probably due to an imbalance in the flywheel happens. I thought the compressors had been tested? Many more tests followed, but it was not possible to get the compressor working properly. My contact person told me that maybe the V-belts are the problem or maybe the flywheel. He suggested sending me the parts. I said that I ordered and paid for two functioning and checked compressors and no kits. Therefore, I wanted the redemption and repayment. My contact told me that he would immediately take back the compressors if they were in China. However, they are exported and therefore they can not take them back. There followed more attempts on my part to bring the seller to the refund, but unfortunately unsuccessful. I brought both compressors last Thursday to a compressor workshop – kaeser representative – This list of mistakes I got today seems already close to fraud . – both compressors leak on different positions – at compressor 1 two cylinder feets are leaking – at compressor 1 air pipe connection to the head is leaking – at compressor 1 air pipe leaks on 2 positions – at compressor 1 head is leaking – at compressor 2 one cylinder feet is leaking – at compressor 2 one head is leaking – at both compressors the flywheel/fan is offset drilled one with 0.16 the other with 0.18 out of center. – at both compressors the flywheel/fan is out of balance 573gr and 621gr – both compressors do not reach 0,7mpa – maby it is only an adjustment of the valve, but if they had been tested, they should be adjusted- – both compressors throw the belts and are not usable Conclusion of the workshop there : bring it to the junk yard . This I told my contact. No Answer . Silence. Because I have an insurance with Alibaba for failure and quality defects, I have now reported the case Alibaba and wait for feedback. My contact person at Quzhou Able Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. does not answer anymore. Order Date: 2019-02-15 06:56:14 Order Number: 10955790001025242

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Don Sain

Denunciation made on Jun 03, 2019 5:10:15 pm

POSTED BY : Don Sain ON Jun 03, 2019 5:10:15 pm

On March 28, 2018 we purchased $11,822.00 steel tubes in grade SS316Ti/316L. When the tubes arrived into their destination we had them tested and they did not even test out at SS304 which is much cheaper and lesser grade of material. The shipment also came in minus 40% of the contracted amount. A claim was filed with the shipping lines for the loss. The claim was denied because their investigation showed that the shipper removed the tubes from their packaging before being shipped. The shipper acted as follows: 1. Provided fraudulent Material Test Reports 2. Actual dimensions did not agree with contract. 2. Stated incorrect total weight for shipment on Ocean BL 3. The Exporter shown on "The Certificate of Origin" was listed as DONGGUAN ZHENGYANG IMPORT AND EXPORT TRADING CO., LTD, not HUTONG STEEL. 4. Covered up the fact that they did not mark each pipe per contract. 5. Removed 40% of the pipes from packaging prior to shipping. 6. Refused to refund shipping and total invoice costs. We have full documentation backing up our claim. Thanks, Don Sain President SAINCO Inc. Ph.(719) 331-0859

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Denunciation made on Jun 02, 2019 11:38:07 pm

POSTED BY : aditya ON Jun 02, 2019 11:38:07 pm

Hello, I asked this supplier for a sample product. The sales manager asked me to send money 4 times than the original product with excuse that the product is going to be shipped with express courier. When I received the product, it had several damage on the alumunium body. I talked to the sales manager but he didnt want to be responsible for it and re direct the responsibility to the courier. I have all of the email conversation start from the beginning with this sales manager to prove. Please be careful when you are dealing with a person name Mr P****n. Regards Aditya

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Denunciation made on Jun 02, 2019 3:41:14 am

POSTED BY : Alibek ON Jun 02, 2019 3:41:14 am

I paid $ 1500 to order an ostrich. Then they told me that your goods were detained in the territory of Kazakhstan. And they also asked to pay $ 890 with a refund. I paid. Then they ignored me. In connection were through Whatsapp. To give more information they wrote me through WhatsApp

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