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Alibaba Gold Supplier 97 Denunciations


Denunciation made on Jul 29, 2019 11:39:49 am

POSTED BY : Joshua ON Jul 29, 2019 11:39:49 am

Zhongshan Kangnuo Electronics Co., Ltd. mail sandyjiang@kangnuo-scale.com Sandy Jiang made conversation, she convince me to make second payment via paypal and WU, they she stopped contact. I reported to alibaba then suddenly she replied her email was stolen (?!) and it wasn't she. For her bad lack I have all conversation in .rar format as proof how this company cheat customers . Ver trickly but they made mistake write from offical manufacture email.

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Denunciation made on Jul 22, 2019 11:50:04 am

POSTED BY : Stephen ON Jul 22, 2019 11:50:04 am

Over 7000 paid. Partial order received. Did not send $2000 worth of goods also paid approx $2000 in shipping. Reported to Alibaba but they would not help since it was an offline order and shortage.

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Denunciation made on Jul 09, 2019 3:53:21 am

POSTED BY : Sat ON Jul 09, 2019 3:53:21 am

I ordered from Shenyang Dean Technology Co., Ltd. (https://sydean.en.alibaba.com) 7 mobile phones with configurattion of 6GB RAM + 128 GB ROM, 16MP Camera, the manager name was Willian Tang and seller name was Ashley Cai, after the inquiry through alibaba they start chatting with whatsapp/Wechat. Their conversation was like professional. but the phone which they sent was 1 GB RAM and 12 GB ROM, With very bad quality camera. I paid then f 850 USD for these phones. So in future please do not contact this company for any deals, please refer below their full address Shenyang Dean Technology Co., Ltd. (https://sydean.en.alibaba.com) Mr.Willam Tang/ Ashely Cai Telephone: 86-024-31214893 Mobile Phone: +8618842321080 Address: No.1208 of Nanjingnan Street, Sujiatun District Zip: 110101 Country/Region: China (Mainland) Province/State: Liaoning City: Shenyang

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Tahir Qayyum

Denunciation made on Jul 08, 2019 4:07:04 am

POSTED BY : Tahir Qayyum ON Jul 08, 2019 4:07:04 am

Dear Sir, Please help me to get my payments from this fraud Chinese David Sun. I have got his details from Alibaba.com and paid him for one of machine to buy from his listing on alibab.com as they always insist to make payments outside of alibaba.com. After receiving payments from our company he start delaying the delivery and manufacturing of the machine. I have reported many times on Alibaba.com about him but they only say they can close his business or product listing from Alibaba.com and can not do anything about our payments. After that he start worrying and threaten me to close my complaint case on Alibaba and he promise me to refund my payments. I did what he said and after 3-4 months I shocked to see he deleted all his business information from Alibaba.com. The following are the my complaint details on alibaba.com This is my follow-up report of my complaint on alibaba.com against the Complaint Case ID (8493415 Date 07/08/2018 & 8491564 Date 07/08/2018 & 8414231 Date : 22/07/2018). As I have provided all my communications records and payments transaction TT Copy along with the Payment Invoice from this company. I was wondering why Is this really that much hard for your people to believe on my records that how your Chinese Nationals do sales Scam business people like us by using this Alibaba.com???. We need money back with all this waste of time and efforts. Are there anyone who is understanding this case of mine ??? You can not close your eyes on this !!!!!!!! This David Sun (Email Address: sun0632cn@hotmail.com) Company Name: Yiwu Maiju Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. we saw his product listing on alibaba.com as (https://cn109403530.en.alibaba.com/product/60716876338-803960192/filter_hollow_tube_making_machine.html?spm=a2700.icbuShop.prewdfa4cf.11.6fb77c5ftQakGB) This is the machine we looking for Blank Cigarette Tube Making Machine. We contact this David sun and told us to deal outside from AliBaba.com. Why it is very hard for you people to understand and You think that your Chinese national are not cheaters !!!!!!!! Is this how your people are doing on the name of business ??? Read again all of my email correspondence and let me know where is your issue in understanding this order scam with my communication record. He threatens to not to refund me until i closed all complaints. I don't have any choice and closed all of my complaints in November 2018 and waiting for my money. After few months I got shocked to see that he has remove his all products, business and changes company name too on alibaba. Now he closed all his business listing and information on alibaba.com. I can only communicate with him through wechat or email. I have this last option to try.. Please help me to get my payments back. His mobile and email are attached herewith. Please consult and refund my payments. +8615167654659 +8618658565099 +866322133452 +866323122898 emails : sun0632@hotmail.com, sun0632cn@hotmail.com, 973078577@qq.com Thank & Regards Tahir Qayyum

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Denunciation made on Jul 06, 2019 9:45:06 pm

POSTED BY : Nancy ON Jul 06, 2019 9:45:06 pm

I was fooled by the fake reviews from the supplier, Fuzhou Zhonglei Import & Export Co., Ltd. I had ordered samples from the supplier which was good. When I had ordered my initial 1000 units, I had a defect rate of 60 percent and a lot of complaints from customers which I had then contacted the supplier. I had asked the supplier for my money back which was denied. My advice to anyone who is thinking about working with this supplier is to run.

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