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Alibaba Gold Supplier 97 Denunciations


Denunciation made on Aug 11, 2019 9:50:54 pm

POSTED BY : zaqevoejwaxig ON Aug 11, 2019 9:50:54 pm

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Denunciation made on Aug 11, 2019 9:27:27 pm

POSTED BY : adutuyuguv ON Aug 11, 2019 9:27:27 pm

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Denunciation made on Aug 08, 2019 9:19:24 am

POSTED BY : РУСТЕМ ШАКИРОВ ON Aug 08, 2019 9:19:24 am

Hello! I was deceived by the supplier! His name is-JIE LIN on passport , date birth on passport 19.12.1980 year. Passport 0215862876 E 16695275 from 11.08.2016 His phone number +86 136 7044 1397 This man introduced himself as an employee of QINGYUAN FOODSTUFF Co.,Ltd. (marketing Manager ) He received the money, but the goods are not sent!!! It is a CHEATER!

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jack Lang

Denunciation made on Aug 03, 2019 4:00:21 am

POSTED BY : jack Lang ON Aug 03, 2019 4:00:21 am

very simple . perfect samples , good first delivery and junk on the second one . I have evidence (reference samples) and an admission of guilt in writing by Yageli (supplier)that all the parts delivered had marks but alibaba is playing deaf and stupid, let me repeat again and again and says: " we dont see the evidence and we can't ask the supplier to refund or replace (but obviously dont have any issues in me waisting money on junk!) . I proposed to have an indipendent inspection but , although initially proposed by Alibaba but later on, as I requested to start the process, this has been refused ( my conplaint simply closed) . Companies have such an amount of immagination in finding excuses that it's simply impossible to mention in a contract , all what can go wrong. The best way to avoid this is to go there and inspect personally . good luck to all of you

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Jason Mason

Denunciation made on Aug 02, 2019 8:05:25 am

POSTED BY : Jason Mason ON Aug 02, 2019 8:05:25 am

Do you know you can recover the funds you lost to heartless brokers, scammers who have smartly required funds from you without anything in return? When it comes to Binary Options, there have been quite a few examples of people who have been taken for a ride by a Broker and have lost a large amount of money, Many of these brokers misappropriate traders money thinking these traders will not act. Beware of where you invest, Binary Option Scams are quite common and come down to a number of factors including improper due diligence and manipulation by the broker we should be very careful with these so called brokers. If you have lost any amount of money to an online broker, or any online investment scam; including online dating. There are many binary options companies which are not regulated all around. Most of these offshore companies are not supervised, connected or affiliated with any of the regulatory agencies such as the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), National Futures Association (NFA), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Please If you have lost a reasonable amount of money to an alleged trusted broker. Send a direct message for more info or to cyberhackservices at gmail dot com for quick response.

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Denunciation made on Aug 01, 2019 2:08:40 am

POSTED BY : CESAR ON Aug 01, 2019 2:08:40 am

Good afternoon. My name is Cesar Yu Padua, I am the owner of BARICA ENTERPRISES located at 221 Rizal ave., ext. Caloocan City 1400 Philippines with contact numbers:3643590; 3658658 & telefax 3660079. For almost ten year or so I've been doing business with Chinese companies in China & I am glad to tell you that we do well with them & no problem at all, but recently I've encountered a new supplier which I found only in the internet same way as how I found my old suppliers. This new supplier has quoted me two items: Hydraulic pump assy & Travel Motor Assy for Dynapac CA250 & we agreed with their price & sent the Telegraphic Transfer to their bank. I told them to ship the goods to my forwarder in Guangzhou via sea freight. Unfortunately when the goods arrived last Monday it was not as stated in the Proforma invoice. The goods that arrived were two(2) pcs of Turbo Charger assy for Komatsu which a far cry in terms of price for the items that was quoted. I pay a total amount of Usd 6,000.00 to them. I email him(Jayson Huang), I don't know if this is his real name or not but he's not responding anymore. I am lodging this report in order that other client/customers will be aware of this company or person behind it. I will attach here the PI & some pictures of the goods that arrived here. Thank you very much for your time. The suppliers company name is: MAXFLEX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. Regards, Cesar Padua

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