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Alibaba Gold Supplier 200 Denunciations

Rodrigo R Navarro

Denunciation made on Dec 06, 2010 11:05:17 am

POSTED BY : Rodrigo R Navarro ON Dec 06, 2010 11:05:17 am

I Pay for a HP DV8 840QM to JINGSHENG INDUSTRY and Ms Cathy Wang just vanish i lost 704 USD and until now the Alibaba don\'t answer my question about Fair Play. My advise is don\'t buy anything at Alibaba Website they are all Scammers. The Alibaba gave a Gold Suppliers title to anyone without check.
I Think to be a gold supplier the seller must be minimum of 2 year with a lot of goods delivered ok.

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Denunciation made on Nov 26, 2010 6:13:28 pm

POSTED BY : S. ON Nov 26, 2010 6:13:28 pm

I forgot to add to my former comment (just below) - if anyone is interested to exchange ideas how to shut down Alibaba.com for good or even any ideas on taking legal actions against Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba.com, I am in.

I am thinking that if it can be proofen that Alibaba.com is involved in those illegal activities which we are exposed to then Jack Ma is the one we have to go after, plus claiming compensation for our losses. Should Alibaba be involved there is no way that Jack Ma does not know about it.

The chances might be slim but it\'s not impossible.

Just thought about a comment someone made earlier on, I remember in my childhood there was this fairytale about alibaba and his 40 robberers. (Don\'t know what the english version is called) but surely a strange name for a trading website I thought - now it makes sense after so many people got scammed. So why would he name his trading business website Alibaba I wonder...

Anyway, anyone who is interested to share ideas and stop those illegal activities at least as much as we can
sseidel2008@aol.co.uk - my email.

And a thanks to admin for giving us a chance to voice our concerns and cries for help! :-)

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Denunciation made on Nov 26, 2010 4:58:59 pm

POSTED BY : S. ON Nov 26, 2010 4:58:59 pm

Hello to all here.

If only I had known this website before using Alibaba.com...Well, now I am wiser. And £ 425 lighter.
First of all, I am sorry to hear how many of you have suffered from scammers. It is outrageous and must be fought!
I found this website (via google) whilst researching Alibaba itself and how they operate. Reason being, they have actually offered me a full Refund. ("Fair play refund") Too good to be true? Normally I would be delighted, however, after finding the alibaba security team email in my spam folder (nevermind) I was asked in that very email to provide my full name, bank account, sort code and swift code for them to be able to transfer me the money to my bank account. No one has signed this email.
Needless to say I got a little suspicious. I have never given out my personal details such as bank account or CC number to anyone via email. So I have sent an email back asking them if they would consider sending me a cheque (which surely should be fine too, if their goal is, like they say, to stop fraud and help refund victims). I am still awaiting their reply. But I have to say Alibaba said they have removed the company\'s profile from their website and I checked that using the link from one of Ann\'s emails. The profile is gone.

Anyway, in the same time I share my story here:
After an enquiry I made I was contacted by a Sales Lady called Hu from ***Jiahui International Trade Industry Co.,Ltd.*** Gold membership, very nice lady, polite, friendly and efficient. I totally fell for it. I should have done more research and of course I do learn from my mistakes. To cut the long story short, I paid via western union. After a steady flow of emails back and forth the emails dried up within a day after she picked up my money. I have not heard from her ever since.

I knew I will not be able to get my money back but I hoped that if I can get this company/name blacklisted at Western Union, then at least they wont be able to receive money from any other victim. Well, it appears she has not been blacklisted. Western Union only replied (after investigating my complaint) that my payment was made via them plus that the money had been picked up, which I aleady knew long before. For sure I will not use western union ever again and filling in their complaints - form spending time in scanning the document, emails, ID and proof of payment., etc - writing every single detail - they only send me back my own western union payment slip as a proof that I used them and that they cannot refund me. What a waste of time and effort.

My question now is, as I am waiting for Alibaba to get back to me - has anyone ever gotten a FAIR PLAY REFUND and are they genuine? Asking for bank details via email? Has anyone had any experience with Alibaba? I would love to get my money back (of course who wouldn\'t) but I am just a little cautious as having been scammed once, that you never know. The thought crossed my mind that alibaba could be working together with those scammers using the personal details from faud victims afterwards to commit identity fraud or else) I don\'t know. Any reply on my post is muchly appreciated!


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Denunciation made on Nov 22, 2010 8:25:05 am

POSTED BY : nedkelly ON Nov 22, 2010 8:25:05 am

I puchased 50 items from From Mr Ramandeep Sehgal who runs SEHGAL PHARMA, part of globaldropshipindia.com.
When they arived there was only 30 items. When i contacted Mr Ramandeep Sehgal to make a complaint he accused me of stealing the others. I have never stolen anything in my life.
I informed him that i was going to complain to alibaba but he replied "there is nothing you can do to harm my business, go ahead and try. Others have tried and i am still here"
I complained to alibaba and sent all relevent documentation and messages but got nowhere

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Denunciation made on Nov 16, 2010 4:26:21 am

POSTED BY : Greenbouncer ON Nov 16, 2010 4:26:21 am

To make the story short:
mr. Hui Yang of Fato Electronics Limited
Rm 24B, 24 / F, Great Smart Tower 230 Wanchai Road Wanchai, Hong Kong Hong Kong
who urges to make payments to:

Receive first time: karl
Receiver last name: Kimble
10 Pentland close, Hazel grove,
Stockport, Cheshire
Zipcode: SK75BS
Country: United kingdom

I am back $540 and will be more than happy to withdraw my story if
Karl Kimble proves not guilty.

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Robert Hazboun

Denunciation made on Nov 15, 2010 11:45:37 am

POSTED BY : Robert Hazboun ON Nov 15, 2010 11:45:37 am

I purchase from Kit Int\'l Ltd and they never sent any products. They no longer have a web site and won\'t answer any calls. I filed a claim with Alibaba and they refused to refund my money from a special fund they have set up for fraud victims. Alibaba is a SCAM as well. Do not purchase anything from any of the companies on Alibaba unless they send products first, which is unlikely. Report your fraud claims with the Federal Trade Commission as well. We need to close down Alibaba and their den of thieves.

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Denunciation made on Nov 12, 2010 3:49:49 pm

POSTED BY : Aleks ON Nov 12, 2010 3:49:49 pm

Saban what is your email?

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Denunciation made on Nov 12, 2010 7:25:06 am

POSTED BY : Sam ON Nov 12, 2010 7:25:06 am

Pcbeste Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd. or WWW. PCBESTE.COM 100% SCAMMERS. STAY AWAY FROM ANDY LIN(suka)!!!
He sent defective flash drives 64GB and 128GB kingston instead of our order. If i could go to China i will find him and beat his head. We order in october 2010, now he say that they sent us the right product. He cheat without any hesitate. Who will punish them? Who is responsible for fraud? Who will solve this problem?

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Denunciation made on Nov 11, 2010 9:24:00 pm

POSTED BY : Aleks ON Nov 11, 2010 9:24:00 pm

Dear Saban, I am also dealing with SUNNY HONOR INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIES and I am starting to believe that they are a real scam. What happened with you order? More excuses...? Their website on alibaba.com no longer exists now that is strange too. Can you please contact me my email is bebelibra318@aol.com.

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scammed by Hangzhous Haibao Precision Machinary Co/

Denunciation made on Nov 11, 2010 7:47:04 am

POSTED BY : scammed by Hangzhous Haibao Precision Machinary Co/ ON Nov 11, 2010 7:47:04 am

On Oct. 18th 2010, I bought a bugaboo frog stroller via Western Union for our upcoming child from the folks at Hangzhou Haibao Precision Machinary Co.

See web page:

While chatting at the Alibaba chat feature, the manager, "Anna or Ann Linn" directed me to send my email nformation to her. While chatting, I actually checked out her profile photo to "see" who is this "Anna/Ann" Linn person who works for the company. She explained that she would email me back with the invoice with all the instructions on how and to whom to wire money to the company by Western Union.

What she clearly did was send me an email from a non-company address which was outside of the company\'s system. She also sent me a fictitous company name, unrelated to the name of the company than I contacted originally, and a person not employed by the company: Mr. Longhai Wang. She made a calculated bet that I would be stupid to trust her and I would not confirm that company name on the invoice was the same as the company name on the alibaba chat.

Unfortunately, she was right.

I never believed "Ann/Anna," and her co-conspirators, could be so devoid of morals and worhip money so much that they would deceive a couple wanting to buy a stroller for their child. Pathetic people who should be in jail.

We chatted multiple times via the Alibaba site -- before they got my money via the Western Union wire transfer. Anna was ALWAYS so pleasant.

The product was supposed to arrive within 5-7 days. It never arrived. The "manager" Anna/Ann Lin -- never responded to my repeated email requests for the tracking information. She completely stopped responding within the instant messanger at Alibaba after she recieved the money wired to a "Mr Longhai Wang: of a fictitious company called Chongqing Bolong Co. Ltd.

Other people also have complained about Mr. Longhai Wang and the fictitous company called Chongqing Bolong Co.


What could be done?

It would seem a simple matter for Alibaba with its significant financial resources to work with the police to catch this petty criminal.

First, make all chat recorded events.

Second, track down Longhai Wong who must present an ID to get the wire transfer.
A company with Alibaba\'s resources could easily catch these theives. However, given that it happens
multiple times with the same person, I doubt the company cares.

Just wait until there is a class action suit, which I will join or a better competitor who cares about protecting its customers. At that point, I will short Yahoo stock -- and I will get back my lost money.

But, back to my case ...

I returned to the Alibaba chat, and I tracked "Anna/Ann Linn down. She suddenly changes her name from "Anna Lin" to "Ann Lin" on the Alibaba instant chat messanger and stopped responding to my emails. However, when I threatened legal action, she suddenly responded and then claims not to know me -- although I saved the company website, looked at her picture before (same girl: see website above), and the company sells bugaboos on its webpage.

I saved her emails and the fake invoice. Mininimally, there is scam involving the manager "Anna Lin" and someone named "Longhai Wang" who recieved my Western Union money for the undelieved Bugaboo Frod. Or, ever worse, the whole small company, including CEO, Guohua Gao, knows about the scam and this is just part of what they do.

I have contacted Alibaba and nothng has been done so far. I contacted hotmail and I am waiting for them to track down Ann/Anna\'s email address and I will see whatever else they can do.

Ann/Anna Linn says emailed me that she will speak with the boss on Monday about my case. If they do not return my money or send me my bugaboo, I will send registered letters to the CEO Mr. Guohua Gao and any one else listed at the company so they must sign for my letter -- which will contain my case. No one will be able claim not to know about the scam.

If this fails, I will go to the Chinese embassy to contact the local police where all the parties involved are located.

Alibaba should be making this easy to do, but they are no help - so far.


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