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Alibaba Gold Supplier 171 Denunciations

Lam Doan

Denunciation made on May 06, 2017 1:10:30 am

POSTED BY : Lam Doan ON May 06, 2017 1:10:30 am

On 12/10/2016, I was contacted by Tom Qin from Shandong Qufu Yatai Trading Co., Ltd., asked me to give him email address to get best price for HDPE virgin pellets. We gave Tom our email address, Skype and phone no. After that we engaged in many conversation via skype and email with Ms. Mandy (Skype: xuyong12333 . Email: desijinshu@disicopper.com ). She sold us a small sample of 50 kgs with the price 150$ (TT 100% advance payment), under the name of Nanjing Desi Metallic Materials Company Co Ltd. We received the sample and tested it, it was good. She talked us into buying bigger amount. Still with precaution we just signed the PI to buy 5 tons from them. We paid TT advance payment for 2090.29$ to the below bank account: Beneficiary: NANJING DESI METALLIC MATERIALS CO LTD Account number: 467666722823 Bank of China, Jiangsu Branch Few days after the deposit, we haven’t received any news from them, when we asked them via mail, they said that our order quantity is small, we had to buy at least 15 tons, and asked us for further payment, otherwise we can receive the return payment. We declined that irrational requirement and asked for our payment back. They agreed but then made many excuses to delay the return payment. After two weeks we didn’t hear from them anymore. They don’t reply on Skype or Email, we also couldn’t reach them via phone. We figured out they run 2 websites under the same address, tel, fax, the companies names are just a bit different: 1- Desi Metal Materials Co., Ltd. Add: No.106-5,The first floor,No.73 Building,Zone B,No.15 Fengji Road,Yuhuatai District,Nanjing City Tel:+86-18551756228 E-mail: desijinshu@disicopper.com (Ms. Mandy) Web: www.desirareearths.com 2- Nanjing Desi Metallic Materials Company Co., Ltd. Add: No.106-5,The first floor,No.73 Building,Zone B,No.15 Fengji Road,Yuhuatai District,Nanjing City Tel: +86-18551756228 E-mail: desimetal@disicopper.com Web: www.disicopper.com We don’t have much hope to have our money back, but we’re extremely furious as they used such a prestigious brand like Alibaba as their scam platform.

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Denunciation made on Sep 08, 2016 5:35:12 am

POSTED BY : richardo ON Sep 08, 2016 5:35:12 am

not grant warranty for parts bad quality devices do not respond to your requests after buying the product Attention https://gz-mts.en.alibaba.com/ GZ-MTS ELECTRONICS.LTD

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Sazzadur Rahman

Denunciation made on Apr 19, 2016 4:56:07 am

POSTED BY : Sazzadur Rahman ON Apr 19, 2016 4:56:07 am

I paid Shenzhen Xinghengchen Technology Co. Ltd. US$909.00 for supplying USB flash drives, microSD cards. When I ordered, They always mentioned it as good quality items. They never mentioned these were COPY and fake items. When I received and sold SD cards to customers, the customers informed me that these were fake items, the cards have less capacity and bad sectors. They returned SD cards. I checked all USB drives and found all have bad sectors. When I told this supplier about it, the supplier told me these are defective because these are COPY items. The supplier refused to return money or replace with good quality full capacity items. They told me to make new order. They also told me that Alibaba knows everything and even if I will complain to Alibaba, they will never do anything. Now I learnt Alibaba also promotes fraud Chinese companies. Their address is 2309 SEG Plaza Shennan Mid.Road Futian District,Shenzhen City, Guangdong ,China

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Mohammed Adams

Denunciation made on Apr 08, 2016 6:39:16 am

POSTED BY : Mohammed Adams ON Apr 08, 2016 6:39:16 am

Fake and Scam company I pay USD780 in to her account for goods but they continue to give me wrong tracking number. Company. : Seabright Mobile co.ltd Contact person: Belle Lyn Contact. : +8613026683084 Email. : okbelle1989@gmail.com Account num. : 621785610005584890 Account name : WU XUEMEI Swift code. : BKCHCNBJ45A Post code. : 210009

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Denunciation made on Apr 06, 2016 7:56:27 pm

POSTED BY : JDG ON Apr 06, 2016 7:56:27 pm

Contacted me through Alibaba (Louise). Checked out their website, all legitimate paperwork, went to outside sources to verify as well. After ALOT of money and emails, I am stuck with a tracking number that hasn't changed status in 1 month. No responses from Louise. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Complete SCAM.

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Denunciation made on Apr 06, 2016 4:16:42 am

POSTED BY : Ly ON Apr 06, 2016 4:16:42 am

I make order to this company ( Business Type:Trading CompanyYear Established:2012Total Annual Revenue :US$5 Million - US$10 MillionMain Markets: South Asia, Southern Europe, Northern Europe, Central America, Western EuropeRegistration No.:371400200028941 Company Description Dezhou Weiqian Import & Export Co., Ltd. is one of the key egg incubator enterprises in Dezhou. Our company specializes in the manufacture and export of egg incubator. The key of our success is the quality product with professional service. We have a highly efficient team to deal with inquiries from customers. Our goal is to be one of the largest export enterprises in egg incubator. We are experienced in selling goods to more than 100 countries and enjoy a good reputation among clients. With 10 factories, we can provide a wide range of products. In fact, our main series now include egg incubator, farm machine and CNC cutting machine. Moreover, besides standard products, we also provide an extensive range of customization services in order to cater for your special orders. We are sincerely seeking cooperation with all interested companies. Quick Response (last 30 days) 81.1% of buyers that have contacted this supplier are responded to (Note: only includes responses sent via the My Alibaba Message Center or TradeManager) The lady name is shiny her number is 0086-534-2300835 Mobile Phone:008615853472322 It's incubator eggs she quote me 230 usd and shipping fee 50 us since I sent her money she don't pick up my call even wechat nothing , her email is shiny@weiqian-cn.com her wechat her mobile number , please anyone who can help me here is my number 13710830442 I'm In China my email Is billiboye@hotmail.com

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Denunciation made on Mar 19, 2016 1:33:38 pm

POSTED BY : co2y ON Mar 19, 2016 1:33:38 pm

As i'm a Chinese, what a shame that i found most scammers are supplier from China. Their bad practices which ruin the reputation of rest Chinese supplier, including me. As I run a sales office in Hong Kong, most of our customers are from EU countries. They sometimes did tell me their experience of dealing with China factory. Even those are not from Alibaba may encounter the same problem - good samples but different things for mass order; bad quality but deny their responsibility; money gave but delaying the ex-factory date. This is not surprising coz of the China style. i think if you want to elinimate the possibilities of bad experience. I highly recommend you to consider the following two: 1. Attend the trade shows of related aspect. Then you can talk to the suplliers face to face and understand them more. You have to consider that only sincere suppliers are willing to expose themselve in front of customers. And willing to pay for grabbing a boarder customer base and look for long term cooperation. 2. You may consider to buy through the local agent at the supplier's countries. They can have a better follow-up with the factory. Coz as you understand the time lap may cause you not easy to communicate with the factory when you need. Wish all you luck!!

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Denunciation made on Mar 17, 2016 7:33:38 pm

POSTED BY : Henry ON Mar 17, 2016 7:33:38 pm

after being scammed so many times in alibaba, I finally found a reliable supplier where i bough my high Quality wood pellets www.uapellets.com thanks Sergei

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pat lyons

Denunciation made on Mar 17, 2016 1:58:07 pm

POSTED BY : pat lyons ON Mar 17, 2016 1:58:07 pm

I had contacted another co. On Alibaba for a quote, so when this co., Tendalet technologies in Shenzhen, sent me a quote, I messaged Lily Liu back and forth for about a month. I thought I had checked them out pretty well. They had an impressive, professional website, posted licenses,ip addresses in the Us, all looking legit. I submitted an order for $4200 and paid with a bank to bank transfer. The bank of China first refused to release my payment to them, because I had listed my purpose as "goods". The bank said I had to change it to "travel expense" I refused. I then got suspicious, and had my bank cancel the transfer. Guess what? A week later I learned the Bank of China gave them my money anyway. Plus they won't help, even tho they person who got the money had a real account at the bank!. 3 weeks later I received 2 4x4 envelopes with tiny ear buds from them. They have disappeared. Alibaba's attitude was "oh well!" Have not found help anywhere I think the bank of china is just as crooked as Alibaba, and Tendalet

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Denunciation made on Mar 16, 2016 2:15:13 pm

POSTED BY : Mohemmed ON Mar 16, 2016 2:15:13 pm

i just want to say that i was scammed by this guys in Ukraine Alexandre Koval when i wanted buy Ephedrine and pain killers, they stole my money 500usd, After receiving my money they stopped replying my emails , But thank God i finally found a very reliable supplier in the name of Mrs Olivia , she supplied me discreetly and safely .Her email address is : oliviadiscreetchemist@gmail.com Her phone number is (331)205-7675 the Quality of her Ephedrine and Pain killers was just the best

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