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Alibaba Gold Supplier 107 Denunciations

jhon pardo

Denunciation made on Oct 06, 2017 12:03:33 am

POSTED BY : jhon pardo ON Oct 06, 2017 12:03:33 am

I informed ALL BUYERS FORM ALIBABA AND ALIEXPRESS do not buy any products form supplierss dont not respect the target price trade you can see many suppliers for attrack buyers use a not honnest marketing ask tarjet price sample US $200-600 / Set | 1 Set/Sets (Min. Order) when you contact seller if the price is over $1800 so a bad suppliers use a scam price for contact and make bad way for buyers lost time with not honest seller ! blacklist all company do not repsect the target price the technique marketing are not honest only for get your contact after ask price is high alibaba know and dont care suppliers make a scam price target price so how alibaba TRADE website if high % off suppliers use a SCAM target price! boycot suppliers not honest how you can make a relation honest with seller for business if seller start show you a scam target price ?

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Denunciation made on Oct 05, 2017 11:12:33 pm

POSTED BY : FERNANDO CARRERAS ON Oct 05, 2017 11:12:33 pm

I was scamed by RUSAN 2005 SL Antonio Abdullah lefevere his wife annie Claire denoyete and daughter yasmina Soraya lefevere if you being scamed by this persons pls contact me at carrerasfer@yahoo.com I HAVE A COURT DATE WITH THIS PERSONS JUZGADO DE LA INSTRUCCION 2 LA BISBAL D EMPORDA GERONA SPAIN 17100 31 OCT 2017

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Denunciation made on Sep 30, 2017 3:10:52 am

POSTED BY : Scamkill ON Sep 30, 2017 3:10:52 am

Qingdao Chenglusheng Import & Export Co.,Ltd . Is a scam company offering plastic raw material at unreal low price. Don't be fool. This can't cost significantly lower than global market because oil costs approximately the same on the global. If you request samples you will get great quality samples. If you pay for a container, you will get sand in bags. Don't loose your money. I've lost 20000 USD the previous year.

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Denunciation made on Sep 29, 2017 1:18:06 pm

POSTED BY : Rock ON Sep 29, 2017 1:18:06 pm

Alibaba posted my inquiry out for a UTV windshield and FarSpeed Motor vehicle Co. LTD responded and gave me there 8 year History and that they were a Gold Supplier to Alibaba. I was told by a Selina Qui that my unit was stocked in the warehouse and how many did I want and at what price. I explained that I only wanted 1 for myself and we negotiated a price. She replied that FarSpeed only excepted Money Gram. I told her that Money Gram did not want to send to a person. She replied that she has had no problem with at least 10,000 orders that way. I got on line and checked this company out and all looked logit with locations and business transaction for 8 years. I asked Selina about her refund policy and she replied full refund for damaged or inadequate product. So, in May of this year I sent the money Western Union. She responded back that her currier was in a tragic Accident and that she needed to send to another individual. I stopped the transaction and sent the money to the new person. response was that they were shipping out of the warehouse the following Monday. On Tuesday, the day after the shipment was supposed to be out, I hear no word and asked what was the problem. two days later she responded that they had new rules from the Logistics department that they could not ship just one item, I would have to order more. I proposed that I could use some more accessories for my unit if that would help. She responded no this is a custom's issue not her fault but if I order a big unit like a 4 wheeler or side by side all would be OK. I said no I already have both of those and just need my windshield. She replied she could not do. I then asked how soon I could get my refund then. Her response was that she would deduct service and handling fees and refund in some time. I responded that you didn't do anything for me how could you apply service fees when you didn't preform any service, and how soon could I expect my refund? She replied she was keeping about $30 for fees and would refund in two months. I replied that was not acceptable and not good customer service. reply was wait for refund in two months. I waited for two months and asked for refund again in July. She responded wait two more months. I e-mailed all people that could be found on FarSpeeds website and no one answered back. I contacted Alibaba and they said they needed FarSpeeds url or website that was registered to Alibaba or they could not help. I again e-mailed all FarSpeeds people with contacts for this information and they would not respond. I waited again another 2 months and contacted end of September. Selina Qui answered for me to wait another year. I responded back that you are stealing my money then with a few other choice comments. So people do not use Alibaba as they will send you Scammers. Please do not use FarSpeed motor vehicle. FarSpeed industry group or any offsling of FarSpeed. You will loose your money. Tom

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Ngoc D

Denunciation made on Sep 29, 2017 6:40:31 am

POSTED BY : Ngoc D ON Sep 29, 2017 6:40:31 am

Prio Oil Mills is a scam company. Owner is K.M.A. Wadud. He stopped responding to email and answering phone calls afeter money payment for sesame seeds order is made. He cheated more than us dollars 20,000. Please help to report police in Bangladesh. All buyers must beware of Prio Oil Mills and K.M.A. Wadud!!

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Denunciation made on Sep 27, 2017 4:25:36 pm

POSTED BY : Fvtjjdraism ON Sep 27, 2017 4:25:36 pm

easy payday loan online payday loans online quick cash cash advance ’

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Denunciation made on Sep 27, 2017 2:01:18 pm

POSTED BY : Fvtjjdraism ON Sep 27, 2017 2:01:18 pm

get loan online payday loans online bad credit cash fast payday loan loans payday loans ’

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Denunciation made on Sep 27, 2017 1:58:34 pm

POSTED BY : Fvtjjdraism ON Sep 27, 2017 1:58:34 pm

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Denunciation made on Sep 26, 2017 11:07:59 am

POSTED BY : robert ON Sep 26, 2017 11:07:59 am

SCAM FRAUD BEWARE 6 years gold supplier alibaba Baoji Guokang Bio-Technology Co., Ltd guokang8286.com.cn bjgk.en.alibaba.com emails: general manager : yuan chen cngksw@aliyun.com +869178835516 sales manager : MAY gksales2@guokang8286.com.cn +869178839599 skype yuan.chen317 benn doing business on and off since 2014 everything was perfect the prices were good the service and products grate. totaly sent to this company about 15000$ since 2016 jun have not done any business with this company but still had a remaining balance of couple thousants USD with them.plus had products worth of 1700 USD that was returned to them after my last purshase, as they got delivered but i went away on holiday and couldnt collect it. anyway. keped every email with them as histry with chinese companys showed that its a must otherwise you have no proof of anything and they will rob you. on 2017 march i emaild to the sales person i was dealing to confir my balance and it was 2444 USD plus i had 1700 worth of products.that was a correct amout acording to my calculations i agrreed on this one. i had no purshaces after that. i was thinking to widrow the remaining cash from them. but new business came up and i agreed on another purshace for 6100 USD. we agreed to use my remaining balance and i would send them the remaining amouth once they start with the shipment. it took them very long to calculate my balance even though i had no purshases for the past 6 months after last time they confirmed my balance. thats where i got suspicios why its taking so long they shipped the first part of the order worth of 610usd and i got an email that i only had remaining 505 usd and there isnt enought monay for 2nd part of order for 610 usd. that would meen that out of balance 2444 usd on 2017 march folowing one purchace of 610 usd i have left 505 usd can do the math here 1300 USD "writen off" " short" you can call it whatever you want. thats where it started. i showed them emails that were sent by them every single one of them with balances etc. they did not reply. just continuing to repeat that i have to accept they balance. i asked to show proof of my purchases and why there is 1300 usd short. they send me balance sheet with moeny in and out with all purshaces since 2014 and there were extra products on my balance that i did not purchase but thye had accounted for it. completely ignored me. contacted manager they said they will investigate but its been over a momnth and nothing done they wont even let me use the 505 usd they agreed that i have left neither they would refund replace the products of value of 1700 usd. comunication non existent. i have sent about 10 screen shots with proof of my purshases and balances they gave me 6 month ago. they dont care. they tried to inflate the prices of my past purshaces to cover this 1300 usd but i sent them 2 years old emails with quotes from them stating completely different prices that they are trying to charge me now. so keeping emails for over 2 years was worth it. i have every proof of purchase and balance from them and all that shows that my balance should be an extra 1300 USD but they dont care . so total im out from them 3500 USD the way i see it they sales person used some other customers order on my books and had western union payment wired not to the company but to her directly. that way she got the cash, other customer got products and since i had no purshaces for a year i wouldnt notice the extra products and 1300 usd . but i did. so stay away form this company Baoji Guokang Bio-Technology Co., Ltd SCAM SCAM SCAM FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD http://bjgk.en.alibaba.com/ guokang8286.com.cn if miracle happens and i get my money back i will let you know . otherwise if this is here do not deal with them

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Denunciation made on Sep 22, 2017 4:46:58 pm

POSTED BY : Matt ON Sep 22, 2017 4:46:58 pm

Archer Global received full payment in October 2016 promising to ship two styles by end of November 2016. Shipping documents showed they only shipped one style. Dozens of emails and phone calls later find they shipped less than 65 percent of the style. They promised a refund and went so far as to send a photocopy of a check stub showing 'the check in the mail'. Then said check must have been lost and another would be issued. They refuse to take my calls or respond to my emails.

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