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Alibaba Gold Supplier 86 Denunciations


Denunciation made on Jan 08, 2019 6:23:23 am

POSTED BY : Shola ON Jan 08, 2019 6:23:23 am

This supplier sell wristwatch and listed on alibaba website known as www.1688.com This is the url to his scam store https://m.1688.com/offer/545733675120.html I made payment to his alipay account details 支付宝 tankehao1@163.com but immediately after confirmation of receipt of payment, he no longer reply my messages. Name of his scam comapny is Yiwu Jingtao Jewelry Factory. SCAM! SCAM! SCAM!

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Sebastien Delsaux

Denunciation made on Jan 08, 2019 6:13:30 am

POSTED BY : Sebastien Delsaux ON Jan 08, 2019 6:13:30 am

After receiving a product presentation and an offer, we asked to receive a sample. The SWIF supplier (seller Lucy Li), asked us to pay 50$ for the reception of this sample (so material + transport). We paid the supplier. Once we received the $50, the supplier asked us for $90 for shipping! First, this is unacceptable because the $50 payment includes shipping. And secondly, $90 of transportation for very small equipment (less than 2 kg) (another supplier sends almost identical equipment for $43). We did not accept and demanded a full refund ($50) to the bank account from which the payment was made. The supplier refuses to reimburse the account. And asks this day for an additional $225 to make a bank transfer of $50!!!!! This supplier is cheating on his customer for $50 worth of samples! Let's imagine for an order!!!!!

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Denunciation made on Jan 05, 2019 1:54:41 pm

POSTED BY : Hristo ON Jan 05, 2019 1:54:41 pm

I was looking for headlights for my BMW M4. The seller UAB Eusensia was offering headlights for all kind of BMW. The prise was 1200-2400 euro. I sent him a message that I need headlights for BMW M4. He respond that the prise is 1800$. I asked how we can arrange the payment. He said bank transfer or WU. AN he send me their account. After I paid 1800$ for the headlights the company UAB Eugensa disappeared and now appeared under another name UAB Blikas and status of gold member. Please remove them so they don't continue cheating people and making Alibaba rating low. For example I will think twice before I buy something through Alibaba after loosing these 1800$....

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Denunciation made on Dec 20, 2018 4:18:35 am

POSTED BY : Wayne ON Dec 20, 2018 4:18:35 am

We order five ABB items from NSE Automation. However, they just ship to us 3 items which have correct model. One item is wrong model & another item is second hand product. We complain them about their service, but they only reply us 2 email & then they keep silent till now. We send them several email, try to contact them via phone, skype, whatsApp... but have no answer. Some our partner in China help us to contact them but they still don't corporate.

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Denunciation made on Dec 16, 2018 12:03:51 am

POSTED BY : Mariarutz ON Dec 16, 2018 12:03:51 am

I placed an order worth $460 and after less than 24 hours i was contacted via WhatsApp that new customer has to pay additional 430 US $ because the product (Heets) has been seized by the custom and the additional cost will be for tax, transportation and other fees which were never discussed at the point of transaction, i refused to pay and ask for refund and they told me absolutely Not They insisted to me to pay the rest of the money, never again do business with them

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Farrukh Khan

Denunciation made on Dec 14, 2018 8:33:04 pm

POSTED BY : Farrukh Khan ON Dec 14, 2018 8:33:04 pm

Power Magnet International, South Africa is a fraud company. We had a deal of yellow pages CIF $ 75/ MT. 50 MT ship from Durban port South Africa to Karachi port. After receiving 40% TT they said their CEO just return from the vacation and he don’t want to sale 50 MT and asked me to increase order minimum to 100 MT. After long discussion and with bad feeling I paid another 40% for 50 MT. After receiving the sent me copies of LB, Packing list, SGS certificate and demand for another 40%. We trust them and sent another 40%. After that they were asking for 2500 dollars extra. When I refused they sop communication. I sent SGS certificate to SGS head office and they informed me that certificate is fake. They sent BL from their another scam company. Since last one month they are not responding. They refused to ship product and refund my money. Their contact person is William Hull Cell: +27717775761. Thanks

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Denunciation made on Dec 13, 2018 5:43:19 am

POSTED BY : alexey ON Dec 13, 2018 5:43:19 am

these scammers take the money and don't send the goods. they trade on Alibaba and globalsources.com! search by name they can be easily found. The police have to close them as they have been trading for several years and are still full of ads about their products with video cards! https://www.globalsources.com/si/AS/Shenzhen-Himo/6008848986355/Showroom/3000000149681/ALL.htm Achilles Zou/Sales Manager Shenzhen HiMo Technology Co.,Ltd E-mail:achilles@sz-himo.com Mobile:86-13808855862 Whatsapp: +86-13808855862 Alibaba Trademessager ID:cnhimo518 Tel:86-755-85298013 33513050 Fax:86-755-85298013 33513050 Http://www.sz-himo.com Add:804,Building11,Labour Industrial Zone,Xixiang,BaoAn District,Shenzhen, China

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Denunciation made on Dec 04, 2018 10:57:37 pm

POSTED BY : farmaciatitoiv ON Dec 04, 2018 10:57:37 pm

UNIVERSAL TRADING CORPORATION – 10 Independence Boulevard Warren, New Jersey. 07059 USA. Suite unknown. Alibaba website says company is in Alabama Operational Address: Colombia, Colombia, Colombia 2018/11/22 JOEL STEEL I was looking for a laptop to make my first purchase on Alibaba. This guy called JOEL STEEL in New Jersey contacted me on WhatsApp to negotiate to buy a laptop. I paid for it to GEORGE FRANK on Texas on MoneyGram. They sent it with company AIR AND CARGO SERVICES from USA to Dominican Republic. They had mistake sending more pieces than I asked. They said shipment was supposed to be door to door and I had not to pay for shipment, just for product. The shipment went to Mexico with no problem and then to Cuba. Cuban customs put 700 fee and they said I had not to pay fees for shipment. I refused to pay it but a former employee of mine paid the fee because she ordered this laptop to them and she did not want to lose job for the mistake. They said it would arrive directly to my address without more payment and that they would discount 700 she paid. Next day shipment went to Haiti and is on hold for a 1496 fee. They said I have to pay it and then it would arrive to Dominican Republic without more payment. I refused to pay it. I sent tracking number to dominican customs and said AIR AND CARGO SERVICES does not have permissions to enter to Dominican Republic. Also dominican custom said if shipment arrives here I have to pay 4000 dollars. They told me to pay the fee again and again and they did not send legal customs documents to me. I do not understand why shipment has to go to Cuba and Haiti and did not come directly to Dominican Republic. JOEL STEEL comitted fraud and did not give me my money back when I demanded it. Do not buy to JOEL STEEL, do not be victims of him. Do not use WhatsApp no negotiate, use Alibaba chat and Trade Insurance.

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Denunciation made on Nov 29, 2018 11:24:54 am

POSTED BY : NatalieWW ON Nov 29, 2018 11:24:54 am

I ordered $65 worth of products from https://www.dogsuppliesshops.com and not only did they take $138 from my account, the products never came. After a month and a half and about 30 emails, in which I was told repeatedly that I should wait patiently, a manager is looking into my issue, no product was ever delivered. I should have know better than do business with a Chinese company but I didn't know they were in China until I already placed the order. I really wish I could take a trip over there and teach them a lesson. Dog eating MF's

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Nick Patel

Denunciation made on Nov 28, 2018 12:39:11 am

POSTED BY : Nick Patel ON Nov 28, 2018 12:39:11 am

JASONLIGHTING.CO,.LTD. 4TH FLOOR NO 2 BLDG GANG NAN INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT GUZHEN ZHONGSHAN CITY, GUANGDONG China Phone: 86 15570067621 Web: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/22... Category: Lighting Stores JASONLIGHTING.CO,.LTD. Mark Y, SHENZHENSHI, GUANGDONG深圳市杰森照明有限公司 Mark Y, SHENZHENSHI, 深圳市杰森照明有限公司 ORDERED A $2400 CHANDELIER FROM MARK BUT NEVER DELIVERED BUT PROVIDED 3 TRACKING NUMBERS ALL FAKE ZHONGSHAN CITY GUANGDONG I ordered my light from this company on September 26th, 2018 from a person by the name of Mark, he told me it would take about 10 days to manufacture the light and about eight days for it to arrive at my destination so I paid the money and ask him to provide me with a tracking number. 16 days later I still had not received the tracking number so I contacted him and ask him again for the tracking number and he said I will provide that the next day I did not hear back from him, so two days later I contact him again and finally on October 23nd he provided me with a tracking number. I go online to see where the packages is and found out that that tracking number never existed, I told him that the number does not exist in turn he says give them two or three days to update the system and it will show up so I did. on October 27th I checked again and the information was saying that there was no tracking number so I told Mark that I think he was lying and it would not take this long for tracking number not to be updated. He comes back one day later on and tells me he was sorry but there's a new tracking number and it should be all fine and this was October 28 so I took his word and went online to track that number and what I saw was surprising. This tracking number was for a package that was delivered on September 23rd to somebody in Miami but I live in Cincinnati and the audacity that he would give me a tracking number that belongs to somebody else just boggles the mind so I told him something is wrong here it should never take this long just to get a tracking number so again he blamed the shipping company for providing the wrong information. By this time I was super mad and I know he was lying , October 30th he tells me that the package is in Hong Kong and there was a mistake in the tracking number and that he would provide the tracking number again next day so he gave me another tracking number this would be the third one, I went online and looked it up and it showed that the information was received by DHL on this tracking number but the package was not still there yet. I told him how long did the shipper say it will take for them to ship the package to me, his answer was 3 to 5 days and this was on October 31st. As of right now today November 6th I just checked with DHL and nothing has changed in the tracking information. They just have the shipping information and nothing else, the package still has not arrived at DHL for shipping so I'm concluding that this is a total scam as of this day. It's been over 45 days since I make the payment and he still cannot provide me any real tracking information so I am requesting PayPal to refund my money. The three tracking numbers that he provided were 6091166782, 8598749110 and 8152223450, these are all supposed to be DHL tracking numbers. All of the conversation happened on WeChat platform which I have. THIS WAS HIS RESPONSE. The shipper just told me today that the size of the package is too big, there was no proper flight in the past few days that's why it delayed. they said, there will be flight which is ok for this package. please wait , we did never ever lie to you . November 7, 2018 at 12:08:29 AM PST THIS WAS MY RESPONSE. Sorry but that is a lame excuse, you have given me so many excuses why the light is not here this is the first time I'm hearing that the package is too big to get in the plane you have never ever mentioned that situation, that's just a new excuse you just came up with anyway you can keep your light because I needed that light long time ago. I gave more than enough time to make it right but even as of right now you still giving me excuses so the only thing I need from PayPal is to refund my money because I am getting ready to order that same light from another manufacturer today. You should just get your light from the phantom shipper that you mention all the time and keep it. I just checked the tracking with DHL before I wrote this and it still says shipping information received and it has been the same since 10/31/18 and the last time you promised me that the light will be here within 5 to 7 days and today is the 7th day, you really need to stop lying and make a fool of yourself. November 7, 2018 at 6:54:37 PM PST I will be providing the whole conversation we had from the first time we spoke about this light till the last message you sent me yesterday from my WeChat account as soon as they request it. November 7, 2018 at 7:00:56 PM PST I just need my money back and you can do that, just keep your light that way I do not need to escalate this and this can negatively effect you if you lose with PayPal, its your choice. November 7, 2018 at 7:08:34 PM PST Person by the name of Mark from this company had promised me when I placed the order that the light would be manufactured and delivered to me In 18 days which would be round October 15th of this year but that never happened, it took him almost 20 days to provide me with the tracking number after I had asked him three times over that period and when he did it was a fake tracking number, he blamed that on the shipping company saying they made a mistake so I gave him the benefit of the doubt ,Oct 30th he provided a second tracking number which upon checking it belonged to somebody else and that package was already delivered in Miami on 23nd of Oct and I did not know this person, he tells me I can't believe I have such a lousy shipping company that I work with, at that moment I know he was lying to me I had a few choice words with him and called him a liar I was so mad, he then gave me a third tracking number which he created saying that shipping company mess up again and that's the tracking number that you currently you would be able to see on DHL, there has been no updates in the information from the time it was posted and that has be 9 days ago, I've seen this stunt pulled more than a few times on different products when dealing with Chinese companies I did get scammed so I would like to request that you refund my money back I don't need the light anymore because I ordered another light from a different manufacturer and the mind-boggling thing about this is that he told me if I can’t get the light to you time I'll refund your money, if you need to see the whole conversation from start to finish I do have it saved on my WeChat account and would be happy to provide it to you. November 8, 2018 at 8:52:44 AM PST I do not need the item anymore because I already ordered another one from different company and it will be refused,the light was never sent as promised, he had promised it would be here in 18 days and it has been 2 months ,it was very important the light gets here on time because of hotel construction time frame and also I wrote to you and mark that I did not need the light anymore because the light was still in China,now you cannot suddenly give him the benefit of the doubt after all the lying and delays that he has created, my light will be here from the other manufacture in 3 days so I need my money back and he can keep that light. November 16, 2018 at 3:27:06 PM PST I finally got my money back today. November 27, 2018 深圳市杰森照明有限公司 + $2,285.00 Refund There is an open dispute associated with this transaction. Visit the Resolution Center to view status. The original purchase was September 26, 2018. Refunded toVISA x-3454You'll see "PAYPAL *SHENZHENSHI" on your card statement.Transaction ID78U98281NU071642E Seller info深圳市杰森照明有限公司https://www.aliexpress.com/store/2219033Refund details Refund total (includes tax and shipping) $2,285.00 Total $2,285.00 PLEASE NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS SCUMBAG HE WILL SCAM YOU AND YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY AND HE IS A HABITUAL LIAR, I WAS LUCK I GOT MY MONEY BACK BUT YOU MIGHT NOT BE THAT LUCKY. THIS ARE HIS PERSONAL AND BUSINESS CONTACT INFORMATION. MY CONTACT INFORMATION IS NICK PATEL KHARVASA@HOTMAIL.COM 1 513 655 7728 USA NAME: MARK Y. COMPANY NAME: JASON LIGHTING CO LTD MOBILE NUMBER: 86 15570067621 EMAIL: jasonlighting@hotmail.com Address: 4TH FLOOR NO 2 BLDG GANG NAN INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT GUZHEN TOWN ZHONGSHAN CITY, GUANGDONG CHINA PAYPAL ACCOUNT :13416090800@163.COM

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