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Alibaba Gold Supplier 107 Denunciations


Denunciation made on Aug 11, 2011 12:00:04 pm

POSTED BY : Nick ON Aug 11, 2011 12:00:04 pm

Do not do business with First Allied Cooperation Co., Ltd

After a long chat with them to guarenteed us that they would send us 50 Quality 8GB flash drives without defect. We completed the purchase through PayPal and received our items 7-10 days later. After running H2TestW tests on the drives we found that they were all with defect. We reported this to the seller and they offered to refund us $100. We paid almost $500 for the drives. It had been 6 weeks since we have received them. We opened a paypal claim and are still working to resolve the issue. The flash drives were sent back via FedEx per PayPal\'s request and the seller has refused the package. Sitting in customs, we receive many phone calls from FedEx wondering what to do with the package and numerous emails from the seller (to the point of harassment). We are still waiting for the claim to be resolved but in the end the moral of the story is DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FIRST ALLIED COOPERATION! They will take your money given the chance.

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Denunciation made on Jul 28, 2011 1:05:29 pm

POSTED BY : Gonzalo ON Jul 28, 2011 1:05:29 pm

Jack Jing -James jin in alibaba.com
This page is a warning about this company in China for all those working in reputable companies online.
The company, on its behalf, the domain registrant Hontecal.com, Chang Jing, received from our company, WESTERN UNION the amount of USD $ 1105. For a product. Upon receiving the money for a product whose amount indicated on your bill $ 200 per unit, as is aware of the impossibility to claim the refund, we indicated that cost had increased relative to its pro forma and HC0126062011 went from 200 $ a $ 370 per unit. Noting that the price of your proforma, indicates that you can not do anything. We request the refund of the money and tells us that he has not talked to us about anything. Who knows nothing and no money to pay back.
Express described for any company wanting to work with the Chinese, who knows what to expect, notwithstanding claims to other media.
This Chinese. named Jing Chang and last name, works as a supplier under another name in aliexpress.com and alibaba.com, we will inform all its name changes. Initially it\'s Jack or Jack Jin, and James Jin.

Domain name: hontecal.com

Registrant Contact:
chang jing
chang jing
013537723541 fax: 013537723541
futian shenzhen guangdong
shenzhen guangdong 518000

we have 3 domains for denunce:

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Aivard Haab

Denunciation made on Jun 14, 2011 4:42:41 am

POSTED BY : Aivard Haab ON Jun 14, 2011 4:42:41 am

I bought several car dvd headrest devices from:
Shenzhen Honestly Electronic Limited (6 year Gold Supplier)
Shitouling Industrial Zone, Longguan Road, Longhua Town, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

Contact person was Roy Lau. Looks e-mail conversation was real, its mean not machine joib. After I made payment, they disappeared, did not answer calls or emails, and I never received the goods.
don´t trust them

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Denunciation made on Jun 12, 2011 12:48:13 pm

POSTED BY : kjeleh ON Jun 12, 2011 12:48:13 pm

i have been doing business whit this company:
RE: What is the delivery time on Dog Tracker

Dear kjell martin lehre,

kjell martin lehre

Thnanks for your mail in buying the Astro 220 Dog Tracking GPS + 2 DC40.we are selling for $150USD /pcs

We can help you write lower cost on your invoice for $75USD

So email back with yor full delivery address to our email(Ruichaowultd@live.com) for postage and packaing cost


Mrs Lilian Hui


Mr. Ruichao Wu

Company: Ruichao Wu
Country/Region: Hong Kong
Address: HK Kowloon Glorious Sun Group Building 97 How Ming Street Kwun Tong, , Hong Kong
TEL: 852 28922188
Message Origin: China
Message IP: 218.29.162.*
and this is an scam. as soon they got the money from me,they said that the trade union in philliphin that they was sending the goods from was deneying them to send less than 40 kg from there to me in europe. after i contacted trade union and sent a copy of my answer from the trade union that this was a scam they totaly disapered, no anwewr on e-mail or phone. all the money that i paied is gone. i was bying for my self and some friends so totaly we did loos near 1200 us$.

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P Hopkins

Denunciation made on May 25, 2011 6:02:10 pm

POSTED BY : P Hopkins ON May 25, 2011 6:02:10 pm

While searching the Alibaba site looking for a company to help us with the manufacturing of some of our custom products we came across the website of Wigtron.com located in Romania.
After extensive discussions both by telephone and via email, we agreed to send
(at our expense) our master mold required for production. We also agreed to
send via bank wire transfer, the sum of $2,386.00 CAD for which we were promised
20 units – shipping included.
We were led to believe by the owner, Dorin Hirte, that production was going along fine
and we were even sent photos showing the progress being made. However, when it
came time to deliver, things changed.
First we were told that the product was on it’s way to us via a shipping company that
had been arranged by Mr. Hirte. After several weeks, we were informed that the product
had not even left the country and he was now going to have to find an alternate carrier.
We were then told that the product was shipped UPS and we were even supplied with
a tracking number which turned out to be invalid. When we questioned Mr. Hirte about
the whereabouts of our product we were told it was being held up in customs.
Mr. Hirte has since stopped responding to our inquiries.

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Roni Amiel

Denunciation made on May 17, 2011 9:17:10 am

POSTED BY : Roni Amiel ON May 17, 2011 9:17:10 am

I bought a tracker from:
Shenzhen Honestly Electronic Limited
Shitouling Industrial Zone, Longguan Road, Longhua Town, Baoan District, shenzhen, China



Looks like its was an Alibaba company but after i tansfered $96 they vanished, i didnt hear anything about the product I bought.


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Denunciation made on May 05, 2011 3:32:31 pm

POSTED BY : max ON May 05, 2011 3:32:31 pm

Sun-Rise(HK) Industrial Co., LTD
Room 2101, New Century Business Center, No. 2 - 6 Hongde Road,
Haizhu District, Guangzhou,China.
E-mail: sales8@sunrisecell.com
MSN: sunmobi@hotmail.com

Representative agents:
Bella Chan
And other ones that i don\'t know

This is another proof on how it is easy to be scammed even from companies that look reputable.
I placed an order from this company months ago and only now I ended up with this post to warn all buyers. All my attempts to solve things with the company in a friendly way failed and ended up to be totally ignored.

The first scam from this company is that they ship different items from the ones they claim. The items that they states as original are just not working fake copies. I bought LCD for Iphone 3G, 3GS, DsLite and many other items stated as original and instead I have received bad and not working copies. I asked them several times for confirmation that this items was really original and genuine to avoid any misunderstanding and everytime they have confirmed they was original.
They know they not working copies, but they say you they are genuine anyway. Well...when received I discovered they was just copies, but not working copies...they was totally NOT WORKING FAKES!

Many of them was also broken because this company don\'t use any protection for fragile items like LCD, they just put them inside the package as is. They don\'t spent time for this.

I want to avoid to talk about items that I ordered and paid and that was missing because they forgot to ship. I also want to avoid to talk about some wrong items received. THIS POST WILL BECOME TOO MUCH BIG IF I ALSO TALK ABOUT THAT!

Regarding the condition of items...
Every supplier always state the condition of their items (second hand or new). Well...they also state the condition, but unfortunately half of the item stated as new are second hand. I bought retail box replacement and received them full of scratches and dirty.

They have warranty on items like LCD that is very funny because they will provide you the doc with their warranty rules only once you report them not working items.
It\'s funny because in their policy they say that the warranty is no longer valid once the LCD is installed into the phone.
In other words you can\'t install the LCD to see it works, you must understand if they work just with an external inspection.
It\'s like Toyota sell you a car and say "Warranty expire once you power on the car. You must report problem with the car only with an external inspection".

What\'s is really funny is that they will provide you the doc only once you report them the problem after installation. This way they can be sure you will be no longer eligible for warranty.

Well...even if this return policy is completely against the law in every country, I consider that no return policy at all can be considered valid because they shipped me fakes products that come not working directly from the factory. This is a real scam and in front of scams the seller must take the items back and refund the victim immediately.

It has been a real nightmare trying to return this items, finally the company accepted return, but was clear from the beginning that I would had to expect other problems.I asked them for a refund several times instead or replacement because it was not on my intention to receive again the same not working fakes. Even if they send me replacement they are still fake and will not work. They always ignored me every time the word "Refund" was pronounced.

I shipped the items back and the company received them regularly. Checking the items require no more than 1 hours, but I had to wait more than one month for a response and at this point I realized they was taking joke of me and they was stealing me again.To help the company I want to specify that I decided to keep most of the bad items and to return back only the most important ones, as a response from them I received a total scam...

They sent me a quick and short message like that: "We can only replace a few items, the other cannot because some are used and some are broken. The DSLite LCD has broken flat but fixed for you with no additional cost. We will ship tomorrow the items".

Well...what kind of response is this ???? Yes...they are broken and this is the main reason for why I\'m returning them back!! They are used...this is untrue...all items still have their protective sticker! I never shipped back DSLite LCD with broken flat cable, the flat was fine, it was damaged only the display! Thanks for shipping me back the same LCD with broken display and thanks for having fixed the flat cable that was already working at no additional cost !!

They told me that the day after they would have shipped the items without waiting for any confirmation from me. I replied them immediately asking them to not ship the items because I was only wanting a refund (as already asked them at least 10 times in the past) and because It was clearly they was totally confused on what they was going to do .
The day after they replied me with the following:
"The LCD have been sent out yesterday, what we can do is to fix and replace them. We thanks for your kindly understanding."

Yes...the date of shipment changed mysteriously! When i asked to cancel the shipment they said they have already shipped the items the day before, exactly before they sent me the message where they was telling me that the day after they would have shipped them!
It\'s funny, eh ?

At the end this is what\'s happened:
- they shipped me back only a few items and they are the same NOT WORKING FAKE ITEMS
- they shipped me the same broken items they think to have fixed. Instead they fixed parts that was already working and left the not working parts still broken! Incredible!!

To be honest I expect to receive nothing at all.

At this point every attempt to communicate is useless because will result in no response at all or stupid and pointless responses as "We cannot do more.", "We are sorry, it\'s the best we can do." etc etc




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Denunciation made on Apr 08, 2011 2:24:40 am

POSTED BY : Dragon ON Apr 08, 2011 2:24:40 am

we are one company from Nigeria and we have ordered FLASH DRIVER and memory card valued at 1784 usds in total.From Kingtonce Electronic CO.,LTD,the address is :Company Address: Heze District, Erhuan Road, Shangdu Street , Fuzhou City ,Fujian Province, China .Contact information:Website : www.kingtonce.com tel:086-591-83181898 Email: kingtonce.lisa@hotmail.com(sales:Lisa);the boss msn is :resa.kington@hotmail.com;name is Resa.But after we received them:i found the quality rubbish very much.for example:after i put some files into it,the capactiy shows 4 GB in total,but when i opened the memory card and found nothing inside or 100 songs inside but only can play several of them.I contacted with them and they said that is quality for my price.Actually,the price from them is not the highest and also not the lowest,as buyer ,we always prefer the middle price.So how can say the quality is for my price.Even this,why not told us before we buy?No matter we buy,we buy for use not the rubbish and not to throw them into rubbish can.I fight with them on line many times,and they never answered me back they disappeared.I searched the website by their website and found out that they alreay listed as scamers on line.So friends,we need to be more careful next time .Regards Dragon

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Richie Peng Fraud

Denunciation made on Mar 20, 2011 11:11:43 pm

POSTED BY : Richie Peng Fraud ON Mar 20, 2011 11:11:43 pm

Richie Peng and Shanghai Xiaoteng Packing Machine Co., Ltd. - also known as - Zhejiang Dongfeng Packing Machine Co., Ltd.

Richie Peng sent me a low quality, used crimping machine that was very different from the picture he used to make the sale. The details of this transaction can be seen at

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Denunciation made on Mar 09, 2011 10:05:03 pm

POSTED BY : Jen ON Mar 09, 2011 10:05:03 pm

Beware of Awais Enterprises (ali.awais11@gmail.com) aka Ms. Rukhsana Khan aka Fionn.Keswick@gmail.com aka sohaib7@hotmail.com. On March 1, 2011, I responded to a supplier\'s advertisement on www.alibaba.com for some cosmetic and beauty supplies - Awais Enterprises in Islamabad, Pakistan.

I ordered some beauty supplies from the supplier and pre-paid via Western Union - payment was made to Ms. Rukhsansa Khan in Multan, Pakistan.

For several days after payment was received, I requested a tracking # from the supplier who used email address
ali.awais11@gmail.com. The supplier would not answer the emails and never shipped the products.

Also, I suspect Awais & Ali International on Alibaba.com is the same entity, or group of scammers.

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